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Take Your Company Public: Hire a Turnaround Consultant First

Most companies who are on the venture capital trail are not set up properly to attract investors. When an investor looks at your business plan and private placement memorandum they are looking for certain things. Of course funding sources look for the obvious, a solid business model, positive cash flow, industry genre with solid future growth, recession proof business (if there even is such a thing) and minimal debt. Read More »

Why Are You Writing A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) To Raise Capital?

Why Are You Writing A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) To Raise Capital? I feel like I have to put this out there as a corporate strategies consultant with a firm that is completely submerged in the industry of authoring business plans, private placement memorandums (regulation d rule 504, 505 and 506), facilitating direct public offerings to our database of investors and taking companies public on the OTCBB. Read More »

Researching A Comparison Of The Best Three Anti Virus Firewall Programs Best Features

No one likes that most awful of feelings that you get as your computer grinds to a screeching halt, its files corrupted by a deadly and malicious virus. Your stomach sinks, your Internet decides to never connect again to get those nice updates for your anti-virus software, which is currently refusing to start. Although not every virus is preventable through software, a good program keeps it from ever getting near your precious files. Before you can figure out which program is the one that you want, you must begin a comparison of the top three anti virus firewall software programs: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4, Norton Internet Security, and Norton Antivirus 2009. Read More »

Invest In Pre-IPO Companies and Make Fast Profits

Investors, are you tired of running into dead ends when it comes to trying to get brokers and lawyers to give you real, honest hot tips on that next big IPO where you can double or triple your money quickly with minimal risk? Are you tired of having to be the last to know about opportunities that you could have made a killing with but no one gave you this insider information? Read More »