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Over The Counter Bulletin Board – Here Is Some Free Advice

Why Are You Taking Your Company Public? Evolve Or Die! As the owner of a corporate consulting firm that takes companies public and steps into public entities with a turnaround team to fix dying companies, there are two realities of corporate strategies that ring true in any and all industries when it comes to creating successful companies and those realities are: few things work and nothing works for long. Evolve or die, the decision is yours. What works today didn't work ten years ago and won't work ten years from now. Read More »

Why Are You Writing A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) To Raise Capital?

Why Are You Writing A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) To Raise Capital? I feel like I have to put this out there as a corporate strategies consultant with a firm that is completely submerged in the industry of authoring business plans, private placement memorandums (regulation d rule 504, 505 and 506), facilitating direct public offerings to our database of investors and taking companies public on the OTCBB. Read More »

Strategic Alliances: How To Get The Power You Need Fast!

Growing your company sales by adding promotional and sales agents and increasing your marketing exposure is an obvious way to beef up revenues but few companies consider the virtually instantaneous power of strategic alliances. Creating strategic partnerships with 'would be' rivals and companies that cater to your business genre can help you rapidly take possession of your market. Read More »

How To Get Angel, Accredited and Private Investors…Easily

If you own or run a company that is trying to raise capital in the current economic conditions you've undoubtedly been challenged by the limited funds available. Investors are more difficult to find and the individuals that are actually willing to part with their cash are even tougher to find. You've talked to friends, family members, your cpa and your attorney but trying to get them to invest is like drawing blood from a stone, it's just not happening. Read More »

Take Your Company Public: Have Investors Begging To Invest!

Take Your Company Public: Have Investors Begging To Invest! As the economy worsens and banks continue to crash and the US dollar is losing its place as the world currency American entrepreneurs need alternative funding solutions that cater to ongoing capital needs that take advantage of the international finance stage as opposed to domestic institutional lenders. Read More »

How To Make Your New ‘Public’ Company A Massive Success

OK, so you've just spent 5 months to a year in the process of going public. You've paid fat fees to auditors, consultants and lawyers, now you're what? How do you make a success of your new public company? Obviously you have solid executives at the helm and a board of directors advising you on various strategies and setting up new strategic alliances. You've eyed up companies to purchase as growth through acquisition is one of the main reasons for being public but how do you keep your stock selling and stable? How can you make it so your company stands head and shoulders above all other priorities of your market maker or broker dealer? You need to make their phone ring by pounding the pavement via public relations and pure publicity. Read More »