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Getting the Best Possible Experience with the HTC Sensation

Of the various superb models of phones that are released in the market, the smart phone is an attraction. This unit won't bring you down since the different features that you may need from the phone is in this product. Comparing it its rivals in the market, this phone stands out from appearance to its capabilities. The phone's packing is of aluminum chassis making it looked polished and stylish and this can entice any business individual who is in search for a classy phone. Read More »

Guitar Hero 2 For The Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)

An estimated 75, 000 people are packed together in one giant venue, all of them screaming your band's name in unison. The lights dim and you make your last-minute preparation before you finally hit the stage to render your fans some of your greatest hits. You slid the guitar over your shoulder and the crowd's energy got you all pumped up. No, this isn't one of many young people's ultimate fantasy come true. But this could just be the next best thing. Read More »

Addiction To The Latest Gadget

Your car is like a dream come true for you and you want to accessorize it more. Planning seems to consume all your nights? That is why you have your sleeping aid to help you, alteril. Are you a gadget fre@k? Never forget to buy the latest mobile phone in town? Then definitely you are an addition to the world of technology fanatic. We can't help it but purchase the latest mobile phone with touch screen or the latest netbook with finger prints security. You can't help but see people flash their new gadget. Read More »

Features They Can Improve On The Next Generation Samsung Galaxy Tab

Though the gadget is created to play rival to Apple's iPad, it is a different species in reality. Some call it a bridge between large tablets and smart phones. The small 7-inch LCD screen with 1024x600 pixels WSVGA resolution acts as a proof to this fact. The Tab runs on Android 2.2 and has a front facing camera. The 3 MP camera on the back with LED flash is a bonus. Just pick it up and feel the lightness of the 380 grams device, just 0.47" thick. Read More »