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How to Prevent Web Host Shut Down?

In web hosting world there are many interesting events that take place. For a beginner it’s quite difficult to segregate between two hosting companies as all look alike in the beginning the difference is only found out afterwards when he/she gets shut down without warning. The problem faced by beginners now a day is how to rely on a web host review when thousands are there. It is really impossible for anyone to review the thousands of web host out there, but it is in one’s favour if the user bases his/her web host review on high in demand ... Read More »

Advertising Door Hanger Can Help New Business Down The Street

Metro Hanger Advertising media is placed on home mailboxes, doorknobs, plus cars, apartment buildings, bikes, and other consumer connection points. Metro Hanger Advertising can consist of straightforward paper door hangers, plastic bag door hangers, and/or custom shaped door hangers. Our goal is to provide the Colorado small business owner with high quality, high impact, low cost door hanger advertising. We also will give you available advertising templates for ads, postcards, door hangers and flyers at no cost. Door hanger advertising can help announce to everyone in your area that you’re the . Years ago, I started collecting junk ... Read More »

How To Finance Investment Property With Almost Zero Down?

I own two condos one, I live the other I am renting out. Both dont have any equity yet. I already have 51% debt to income. I can still afford MXM 5K down including closing costs and tax prepayments. My interest is to buy foreclosures and sell after ~2 yrs. I am aiming at high end units that can currently be bought at ~200K but will apraise to ~350 in about 6mos. Is there a way to find finance in this situation. Read More »