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Web Design Articles – Practical Web Designing Basics:

The following are the key aspects which would help you practically craft a web design that would deliver results in terms of your audience visibility     Part 1: The Unavoidables   Definition of a good Web site: A site that delivers quality and eshaustive information for its target audience and does so with elegance and style.   The rule of “Keep it Simple, Sober” is tried and tested, but it’s not a be-all end-all of Web design. Gamers, for example, expect a busy page with a lot of sophisticated graphics, flash effects, and the like. The usual understated page ... Read More »

Basic Layout and Requirements for Web Designing: by Pseudo Technology

CSS versus tables for layout: When Netscape Navigator 4 dominated the browser market, the popular solution available for designers to lay out a Web page was by using tables. Often even simple web designing for a page would require dozens of tables nested in each other. Many web templates in Dreamweaver and other WYSIWYG editors still use this technique today. Navigator 4 didn’t support CSS to a useful degree, so it simply wasn’t used. After the browser wars subsided, and the dominant browsers such as Internet Explorer became more W3C compliant, designers started turning toward CSS as an alternate means ... Read More »

Mistakes to Avoid While Web Designing

Till date, we have had many articles ranging from the best ways to design a website to website checklist, including guidelines on how tro design a good website. We have also discussed the guidelines provided by google for web designing. Now, let’s take a path crossed not so often. Let us see what mistakes the web designers usually make and the mistakes that should be avoided while web designing. 1. Unplanned website A mistake in the foundation, and the structure you build on it is bound to fall. Planning your website is the most important factor in the success of ... Read More »

Little Consumption of Time in Web Designing

Now days, the market of internet has been experiencing a boom that had never been seen before. For this basis, the web masters are focused more and more on web designing that will draw & increase clientele and thus boost the traffic. However, there are still lots of web designers who do not understand the importance of a well built web design and what a classic web design involve. In fact, web designing need the idea, strategy, for more detail  Representation and it’s executing to carry out over the internet. The website designing primarily comprises of designing such a web ... Read More »

Role of Web Designing in Animation

What shows that sells! Letters are not enough to show up the things that you want to sell. Your web sites designing will show how professional is you and your business. Want to design such a web site that will catch your visitors’ imagination and multiply your ROI, then Modulesoft Solutions is the best destination for you. Modulesoft Solutions has a long expertise in web designing and animation. Currently Modulesoft Solutions deals with projects related to Corporate Websites Whenever Modulesoft Solutions has attempted to design a corporate websites, its first and foremost step is to begin with a user-centered approach ... Read More »

Useful Tips for User – Friendly Web Designing

Website is a handy and trendy marketing tool for business. For a good website, the visual web design must be attractive and must be able to grab the attention of more number of visitors. Web designing is an art and has to be done with interest and involvement. When done with involvement, the user-friendly feature will automatically get incorporated in the design. Stunning web design with good programming and marketing strategies will greatly increase the visibility of the website to the Internet browsers. From this introduction it can be understood easily that web design is the key aspect of a ... Read More »