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Confidential Waste Services – The Most Efficient Means to Dispose of Confidential Documents

Confidential waste services have become an essential service for any company or organization disposing of sensitive confidential information. Confidential waste services are vital to protecting an organization as document theft is on the rise. Criminals engage in underhanded methods to steal sensitive information such as searching through dumpsters of a business or organization. They will use the information from the documents they find for such purposes as committing fraud and identity theft. As well, corporate espionage is a threat to every business making it important to ensure their sensitive documents are disposed of in the most secure and reliable manner. To ensure complete protection of sensitive documents, confidential waste services have become the perfect solution. Read More »

Shredding Services – Protection from Identity Theft and Fraud

Businesses who have a lot of sensitive documents do not always know how to securely get rid the documents when it is time for disposal. Every year, many businesses will plan to throw away huge amounts of documents that they no longer need. These documents will often have such sensitive information as: sales reports, fiscal statements, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, private business letters and memos, records on customers, clients, and employees, and much more. If the documents are not disposed of properly, they could be stolen and used by criminals to commit identity theft and fraud. The results can be devastating to a company. For instance, they could be sued, fined by the government, lose most or all of their customers and clients, and the whole business itself could collapse. This is why it is essential that every business no matter the size, dispose of their documents is a secure manner. Fortunately, there is an effective solution. Shredding services offered by document shredding companies can dispose of all of the documents, no matter how many pounds in weight, in a fast and permanent way. Read More »

Are there Different Paper Shredding Regulations around the World?

Fraud, identity theft, forgery, white collar crimes and information security breaches are a common occurrence in today's information world. Today, every business that has sensitive and classified documents should use the services of a document destruction company to safely and securely permanently destroy their documents. Because of the potential security breaches, governments in many countries have instituted paper shredding regulations that a business must follow. For instance, the US has the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act. These types of paper shredding regulations are designed to protect consumers, employees of companies, and the companies and organizations themselves. They require that companies permanently destroy sensitive documents and implement policies that minimize the risk of sensitive and confidential data from falling into the hands of criminals. When organizations do not comply with the regulations, it can result in such penalties as class-action lawsuits and federal and state fines. Read More »

Verify Backups To Ensure That Any Lost Data Is Replaced Quickly

As known to you, relocating a datacenter needs a team effort involving many activities to constitute a effective team includes to get proper services of a moving company, to dismantle existing systems and facilities, finally components transporting to a new location site, then servers are to reinstall effectively at the new facility. The company at your disposal for your datacenter move would look into every aspect of your move, but just exception with one, as a rule , they would not be responsible for the safety of data stored in the computer. Read More »