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Webwindows | Creating an Effective Advertising Strategy

When we talk about advertising, we generally refer to commercial advertising or paid advertising done through traditional channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. The other advertising medium that has taken the world by storm is the Internet. Advertising, as the term is used today, is then broadly classified under two sections, Traditional advertising and online advertising. Before discussing how to devise an effective advertising strategy, we first need to understand the different types of advertising channels available to us.   As said, traditional advertising channels include newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Of all these, newspapers and magazines can ... Read More »

Creating effective Web designs through the use of Grids

Creating effective Web designs through the use of Grids Mathematics is often closely related to the arts. Unfortunately many people are under the impression that structure and method will limit creative expression when in reality the two often compliment one another. In Web Design, mathematical principles such as grids can aid the designer during the creative process. Using grids for arranging layout types and structuring content is a well-known method that is gaining popularity in the field of web design. Intentional design plays an important role in Web Development and in this article we look at the benefits of grid ... Read More »