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Search Apis – Creating Your Own Custom Search Engine

So, what is a search engine and what does it do? (and – can I run my own search engine on my domain – an analysis) Search engine is a program or a tool that searches for the information on the Internet based on the words which user insert into the search box. After the words are inserted into the search box and when you click on search button the search engine looks into its own database to find out whether it contains those information which the user is actually looking for. There are many major search engines ... Read More »

Creating Your Own High Profit Niche Pay Per Click Search Engines.

Todays article is all about setting up niche pay per click search engines. If you thought that this was beyond the scope of the individual internet entrepreneur then you would be dead wrong. There are literally thousands of niche markets that are just begging for a speciality search engine – these are thriving industries with thousands of vendors looking for targeted advertising sources such as PPC engines. What Are Niche Pay Per Click Search Engines? Google is a search engine. It also has a pay per click element (Adwords) where all types of businesses deposit cash to Googles account ... Read More »

Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Creating Financial Reports

ISBN13: 9781601630230 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Product DescriptionNow the best-selling book of its kind has gotten even better.This revised and expanded second edition of Ittelson’s master work will give you that firm grasp of “the numbers” necessary for business success. With more than 100,000 copies in print, Financial Statements is a perfect introduction to financial accounting for non-financial managers, stock-market investors, undergraduate business and MBA students, lawyers, lenders, entrepreneurs, and more. Most introductory finance and accounting books fail either because they are written “by ... Read More »

Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads, Second Edition

Product DescriptionVeteran copywriter Luke Sullivan returns with an updated edition of his irreverent warts-and-all look at the advertising industry. Part how-to book and part exposé, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This is both an insider’s guide to writing great ads and an unapologetic send up of all that’s heavy-handed, dim-witted, and ineffectual in the industry. Updated to include the latest campaigns, this edition presents a real-world look at the day-to-day operations of today’s ad agencies and examines the good, the bad, and the downright ugly ads the industry produces. Sullivan provides pointers, tips, and guidelines on how to write and produce ads ... Read More »

Flexible Web Design: Creating Liquid and Elastic Layouts with CSS

ISBN13: 9780321553843 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Product DescriptionLiquid or fluid layouts change width based on the user’s unique device viewing size. These types of layouts have always been possible with tables but offer new design challenges as well as opportunities when built with CSS. This book, for experienced Web designers with some CSS experience, outlines how to do this successfully. Designers will learn the benefits of flexible layouts and when to choose a liquid, elastic, or hybrid design. They will learn not only how ... Read More »

Web Style Guide, 3rd edition: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites

ISBN13: 9780300137378 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Product DescriptionConsistently praised in earlier editions as the best volume on classic elements of web site design, Web Style Guide, now in its Third Edition, continues its tradition of emphasis on fundamentals. Focusing on the needs of web site designers in corporations, government, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions, the book explains established design principles and how they apply in web design projects in which information design, interface design, and efficient search and navigation are of primary concern. New in ... Read More »