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Credit Cards and the Law

Product DescriptionThis Almanac presents an overview of the laws governing the use of credit cards, including the historical background and development of the various credit card systems and the credit protection legislation that necessarily ensued. Margaret C. Jasper discusses the role of an individual’s credit history in credit granting decisions, as well as the legal protections afforded the consumer for preserving their credit rating. Finally, because consumer debt has reached an all time high, with credit card debt being a major factor, a discussion of debt management and collection, and the laws which protect the debtor from harassment, threats and ... Read More »

A Girl’s Guide to Money: Make the Rent, Control Your Credit Cards, Afford a Car, Pay Your Cell Bill, and Still Have Money for Shopping Sprees and Nights on the Town

Product Description“Be responsible with your money. Buy hot new fashions. Save for a rainy day. Fly away to a sunny beach. Invest for your future. Drive a sporty car.” Today’s young women are flooded with conflicting and often bewildering messages about money. This book offers strategies to break through the confusion and start making sound financial decisions. With its friendly writing, attractive design, and easy-to-understand suggestions, A Girl’s Guide to Money communicates the information young women need to become financially savvy, and does so in a way that suits their style. A Wall Street prospectus it isn’t — rather, it’s ... Read More »

Developing And Managing a Successful Payment Cards Business

Product DescriptionThe credit card industry today is a multi-trillion dollar business that employs hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and impacts literally billions of people every day. Yet there is no comprehensive book or reference material available in the marketplace that provides fact-based perspectives on how to develop and manage a successful card business – despite the significant demand from all those involved in the industry. “Developing and Managing a Successful Payment Cards Business” offers information, analysis, observations, perspectives and advice on developing and managing a card business. There is comprehensive coverage of all areas including card business ... Read More »

Financing Your Small Business: From SBA Loans and Credit Cards to Common Stock and Partnership Interests

Product DescriptionSecure your business’s future using the right SBA loan, bank loan or equity financing for you. When it comes to your chances of receiving financing and doing it right, Financing Your Small Business provides you with all the answers you need. It helps you find ways to combine various types of financing and shows you how to get the money you need. Learn: How to get a bank loanHow to make a better presentation How to get attention with your business plan How to choose professionalsHow to value your businessHow to determine your investors’ statusHow to avoid securities law ... Read More »

The Skinny on Credit Cards, How to Master the Credit Card Game

Product DescriptionThe Skinny on Credit Cards, How to Master the Credit Card Game. Finally, someone has written a book which is clear, concise and comprehensive on the subject of credit cards. The Skinny on Credit Cards will be helpful to everyone from the young adult getting his or her first card to the older adult who has used cards for years and never really totally understood the rules of the game. The Skinny on Credit Cards is a compilation of all the books and articles that have been written on the subject. All the experts were consulted. The Skinny On™ ... Read More »