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Is a Blog a Good Type of Website?

Over the past couple of years Ive learned how important a tool a blog can be to anyone who has an internet business; some people think it can even be your internet business. Thats a choice you must make but we hope we can provide some information to help you. Although blogs are great for building connections with potential customers they have their limitations and do not answer every purpose or provide everything you may need on a website. There are may programmes for sale that would try to convince you that blogging is the best way forward and although ... Read More »

What Schools Have The Best Graduate Level Advertising Programs?

I will be finishing my undergraduate degree in advertising this year, and I’m planning on going to grad school to pursue either account planning or copywriting. I currently live in TN and I want to stay in the Eastern half of the US. I am looking for names of schools that I can research and hopefully apply to. Thanks so much for your help!! Read More »

What’s The Best Advertising For A Locally Owned Business?

What is the best way for me to advertise my Tax Preparation Business? I’m planning on sending out postcards locally next January…is there a better way? What kind of advertising do folks out there like to receive? Obviously I could hire someone, but I’m all about doing this myself. How can I get out there..what works, what doesn’t? Read More »

What Is The Best Way To Sell Advertising Space?

I currently ride one of the 400 rickshaws in central London and I am looking to get a new one. They cost a lot of money and I would like a company to purchase the advertising space located in the back for £4000. At this price they will get continuous advertising for 5 years. What is the best way for me to approach businesses and companies and sell my idea? Other company currently rent advertising space on the back of a rickshaw for £250 a day! . Your help is much appreciated. Read More »

I’ll Be Contacting Businesses About Advertising At My Event. What Is The Best Way To Do Lead Generation?

I have heard contacting a business owner through email about the advertising/sponsor opportunity is much more better and could garner a better response if done through email as opposed to cold-calling the business. Thoughts? What would be the best way to approach businesses? I want to have an appointment to see the owners and just trying to figure out the best way to get those appointments. Read More »

What Is The Best Web Hosting For An Online Storefront?

Looking for web hosting and sites that will allow a storefront with ease. I will be designing the website. I need something that allows ease of use, customer service, online storefront, shipping costs and database inside. Please no sales reps from companies, only people who have used these sites and know about them. Thanks! Read More »