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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a practice that is employed to promote a website’s presence on the Internet. The main aim of search engine optimization is to get the website among the first rankings on search engine result pages for any specific keyword or group of keywords. It is an area of the Internet that has been receiving an increasing amount of attention due to the competitiveness within the industry and the possible financial rewards associated with ranking on the first page. How Search Engine Optimization Works The basic premise of search engine optimisation is based on submitting a website ... Read More »

Web Design Articles – Practical Web Designing Basics:

The following are the key aspects which would help you practically craft a web design that would deliver results in terms of your audience visibility     Part 1: The Unavoidables   Definition of a good Web site: A site that delivers quality and eshaustive information for its target audience and does so with elegance and style.   The rule of “Keep it Simple, Sober” is tried and tested, but it’s not a be-all end-all of Web design. Gamers, for example, expect a busy page with a lot of sophisticated graphics, flash effects, and the like. The usual understated page ... Read More »

Search Engine Basics 2

Search Engines Methodology Having identified the major components of the search engines let us now look at their Methodology of producing results. This look involves two steps. The first is the way search engines rank pages for query relevance. This has material impact on your search results for various keywords. Second it is normally a good idea to know as to which search engine supplies results to whom. Yes that’s right. Not all search sites are original. Some just borrow & tweak the results generated by other sites (of course under a license) & present them ... Read More »

7 Basics of Good Web Design

Use these 7 Basics of Good Web Design to improve your web site and make it stand out from the competition. Whether you are just starting a web design project, looking at revamping an existing site, or just wanting to double check the usability of your current web site you should consider these 7 Basics of Good Web Design. These Basics are aimed at new visitors/customers, your repeat customers will be judging your web site on different values. Just like wearing the appropriate clothes for a job interview, these basics will help you pick out the “look” of your web ... Read More »

Search Engine Basics 1

Search engines: What are they? A search engine is one of the most important tool that helps you find information on the web. Search engines are giant sized automated cataloguing & retrieval systems. They typically have large databases of web pages & other information found on the net. Upon specific query by the users these databases are scanned & the matching results displayed. The utility of search engines in web search lies in the fact that they are the repositories of large amounts of information which can be searched very conveniently using certain keywords. This natural ... Read More »