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Finance Articles

  Finance is a strong field and a department in almost every organization and firm throughout the world. Finance basically means the dealing and matters of money and savings. It has a lot of further branches that works in different disciplines all regarding money and its issues. The strength of a company or organization is known by observing its finance department. Today finance matters to al lot of people who have been in business and are new in the developing field. Internet being a big source of business dealings and daily basis work performance values finance a lot. Finance is ... Read More »

Personal Finance Articles: How Changing Your Mind About Your Personal Finance Will Change the State of Your Wallet

Many personal finance articles have been written on the issue of money.  Can’t say I have been moved to action by many.  First I’d like to say it is ok that you feel down about the current situation about your personal finances.  I give you permission to feel your feeling for the next 24 hours and then pull yourself by your boot straps and let’s what we can do.  There exist many a definition, I want to share with you  my personal finance definition: Financial freedom is not an event, it is a skill. I bet right now with the ... Read More »