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Get The Most Out Of Your Photos With Photoshop Elements Training

If you want to make your photos really outstanding, the right Photoshop training for you is Adobe Photoshop Elements 5. Photoshop Elements lets you easily correct flaws and adjust color and lighting in digital photos; arrange your photos in layouts that let you set up Internet photo galleries created with Flash technology; and view all your videos and stills in one place. At a price around U.S. $100, Photoshop Elements is a great place to start if you're interested in mastering the art of digital editing and compositing. Read More »

Linux On The Desktop?

Linux is an "open source" operating system originally developed by a engineer from Finland named Linus Torvalds. Linux was released under an early version of the GNU "General Public License", or GPL, by which any user that wanted to work with Linux was free to do so. Though it has evolved considerably over the years, it has yet to eclipse the popularity of Microsoft's Windows operating system at the consumer and small business level- which is dominated by "desktop" computer sales. Read More »

Using AP Layers in Adobe Dreamweaver

Whenever you see the term "AP Layers" in Dreamweaver, it refers to DIV elements which has been given the "Position:Absolute" setting. From a page layout point of view, the DIV element is essentially a box, an arbitrary container for other HTML elements. Adding the "Position:Absolute" setting allows you to position the DIV precisely in the browser window, using the settings Left, Top, Width and Height. Although you can create all of this manually in code, Dreamweaver treats it as a special item and allows you to manipulate it visually. Read More »

Six Steps To Save On Computer Software

Are you looking to get quality computer software at an affordable price? When you operate from home or just require excellent software for the laptop computer, you happen to be presented with an almost infinite number of laptop applications. Digging through the various options can sometimes be a significant assignment. However, if you desire to find good, quality programs there are certain things which you could do that may save you money as well as stress. Read More »

Understanding Adobe InDesign CS4 Table Styles

If you produce documents which include tables then you will love Adobe InDesign's table styles feature. With one click of your mouse you can format your entire table applying one set of formatting styles to the headings, another for the table body and yet another set to the table footer. So, how does this magic work? Read More »

Source Appropriate Adobe Photoshop Training

With so many new software programs available every day, knowing which product is the right one can be quite a task. I have a feeling that many people steer away from learning how to use new software because the whole selection process can be so intimidating. If you're new to the wonderful world of digital editing and compositing, you need look no further: Photoshop is the industry leader, no matter what your specific field of interest might be. Photoshop is the software of choice for professional designers, as well as for amateur photographers and You Tubers. Read More »