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Know About Albuquerque Web Design

Looking for an Albuquerque web design company is only difficult when you do not know the criteria you should follow when looking for it. Fortunately, there is a company known as TGS Web Design, an Albuquerque web design company which is famous for taking your ideas and turning them into amazing web reality. You should not be bothered by a lot of web designers who end up taking your vision and then promptly writing that vision off. If you have a great idea you are just dying to translate on the web, then you really need a good Albuquerque web ... Read More »

Do You Have Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization And Spam?

There is a fine line between proper search engine optimization, and what a search engine will consider to be spam. As we all know, not all search engine optimization methods are ethical. Search engines, such as Google, are making every effort to try to differentiate between ethical internet marketers and those who are simply taking the “easy” way out with spam. The definition of spam, however, has been something of a debatable topic for many search engine optimization experts. The reason that everybody is working so hard to define it is because when it comes time to search engine optimize, ... Read More »

What Should You Know About Search Engines and Pay-per-click?

Here’s a fact for you, 85 to 95% of websites are found through a search engine.  You may have the most incredible website on the Internet, but it will receive little or no traffic without search engine visibility and ranking.  Can you imagine a billboard in the Sahara desert?  Who sees it?   So, how will searchers find your website? What types of search engines could they use? Search engines fall into two categories.  The first is referred to as natural, organic or standard.  The second is called pay-per-click, paid inclusion or paid placement.   Natural, organic and standard are interchangeable ... Read More »

I Would Like To Start A Small Grassroots Advertising Agency, How Would I Go About Starting & Getting Clients?

I know in todays economy everyone is cutting back on spending, especially businesses by laying off employee’s. However there are still print and television advertising still being purchased. I know what it takes to start a business, however I would like to know what it takes actually start a grassroots advertising agency? What does it intel? Creating creative ads for clients, being familiar with places and cost to advertise? What would I need to do? Any information would be helpful. Read More »

I’ll Be Contacting Businesses About Advertising At My Event. What Is The Best Way To Do Lead Generation?

I have heard contacting a business owner through email about the advertising/sponsor opportunity is much more better and could garner a better response if done through email as opposed to cold-calling the business. Thoughts? What would be the best way to approach businesses? I want to have an appointment to see the owners and just trying to figure out the best way to get those appointments. Read More »