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Surviving Off Off-Grid – The Official Book Site

Western Society is in confusion, the industrial world is teetering on collapse, and it looks like things could get worse. Agrarian Blogger, historian, and “plain” preacher Michael Bunker has been living off of the grid for many years, and he has some advice for those living in the industrial/consumerist economy … living an off off-grid life is achievable.

New Book:  Surviving Off Off-Grid

It has been done for thousands of years, and it can be done today… It is quite possible that many people who have relied on a failing system for their means of survival will very soon find that they have made a mistake of historic proportions. Historic, because every major “classical” culture went down the same road our society is on today. This book is about the lessons we should have learned, and what you can do to survive what history tells us must come next.

Press Release: Announcing the release of “Surviving Off Off-Grid” by Michael Bunker. The new game changer for those interested in freedom, independence, self-sufficiency, and sustainability. Examining history, industrialism, agrarianism, and more, the author shows how we got to where we are and the hope we have for the future if we start making changes now. With over 40 five-star reviews on, 1000 likes on Facebook, and 2 engaging YouTube video trailers…the book is poised to launch pockets of cultural revolution. As the title of one of the YouTube videos asks, “Are you in?”

Alternative Questions. Alternative Answers. “Surviving Off Off-Grid – Decolonizing the Industrial Mind” available now on and See Surviving Off Off-Grid – The Official Book Site for more information, reviews, places to purchase, and to watch the video trailer!

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