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Spyzie – Protect Your Children with this Powerful Phone Monitoring Tool

Spyzie – Protect Your Children with this Powerful Phone Monitoring Tool

Spyzie is an Android and iOS app that enables parents to monitor the location and phone activities of their children. It helps parents feel safer since it gives them more control over their children’s lives. By monitoring the things their children are doing on their phones, parents can determine whether they should intervene or let them be. Here are the specifics to help you realize just how wonderful this one of a kind app is.


One of the most notable features of Spyzie is stealth mode. Once installed on the target phone, it is not visible to the user since it does not display any icon to indicate its presence. This feature is useful for parents who don’t want their children to know that they are being monitored. With iPhone monitoring apps installed on a target phone, the parent can help protect the child from cyberbullying, online predators, or early access to pornography.

With this app installed on your child’s phone, you will be able to:

  • Monitor their social network activities on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Skype. Social media are one of the most influential and corruptive places on the internet. As a parent, you want to be careful about the kind of information your child is exposed to online.
  • Their call logs


  • GPS location


  • Email
  • Photos
  • Browsing History
  • Mobil Apps
  • Text Messages


  • Keyword Alert – very useful for determining the kind of information your child is looking for online
  • Calendar activities
  • Contacts
  • Wi-Fi

Setting Things Up

Spyzie comes in two packages, premium and ultimate. You must at least purchase the premium edition of the app to enjoy its features.

For you to monitor another device using Spyzie, the app must exist in both phones. The phone that’s being monitored is the one referred to as the target phone. In addition, note that the target phone has to be active for the app to feed you on the activities that are taking place on the other side. When the target phone is off, you won’t receive any information about it.

This state of the art app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 10.0.0 and above. Furthermore, you don’t need any special privileges like jailbreaking or rooting to install the app. Just install it as is once downloaded.

The app can be used not just by parents but also by children. It all depends on the relationship between you and your child. What I mean is that in as much as you can use the app to track the location of your child, he or she can also use it to determine your location. You can use it to find each other. This will prove useful in crowded places or in case you are separated from your child in any location. Surely, it is all about creativity but the basic functionality is how to check someone’s location on iPhone. The app provides various settings that can help make it serve you as desired.

Smartphones are capable of doing most things desktop computers can while online. Today, children have easy access to the most mind corrupting information like never before. There is just no way a parent can afford to give his or her underage child a smartphone without an app like Spyzie installed. If a parent gives his or her child a smartphone without this app, it is a recipe for disaster. Even when your child seems behaved, responsible, and disciplined, the internet can be very convincing. We must protect our future. If you feel this and are a parent, you will find this app very useful.

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