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There is nothing worse than driving on a vacation in an unknown area where you may not necessarily know the speed limit and you find yourself caught in a speed trap.

Speed Trap Detectors – Helping You Get Less Tickets, But What’s the Catch?

Little is more nerve-racking than driving somewhere on vacation, where you’re not familiar with the speed limits, and are constantly worrying about getting pulled over for speeding.

A speed trap can be the cop that hides just over the crest of a hill or is hidden behind a sign where you don’t really notice them. In our technological world a speed trap can also be traffic cameras that find traffic violations and hand you a ticket without you even knowing.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a speed trap detector to help alter you of any potential traps?

In the majority of instances the reply is yes. These days speed trap detectors are usually gps units like the TomTom, Garmin, or even cellular phones with GPS turned on. Users individually denote places on the map of sites that there are normally speeding traps. Once you program this information on your gps or phone, you will be be alert for the trap waiting for you just around the corner.

Remember to take into account a couple of items concerning these gadgets. On the one hand some might find themselves in an area with lots of speed traps and choose to drive more safely but remember that someone alone keeping their eyes off the road and looking at their phone can add to danger. Additionally there are areas of the country are looking to prohibit the use of these tools on phones such as a new iPhone application that does this.

Furthermore, in the future many of these maps will start having a yearly fee. It might be helpful to subscribe since it can save some money, but it may be easier to learn how to avoid speeding tickets altogether.

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