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Six Accessories You’ll Find In A Pilot’s Cockpit

Pilots have a tough job. To make their long flights safer and more enjoyable pilots fill their cockpits with various items. The following six accessories will likely be found in almost any pilot’s cockpit. These accessories help keep pilots safe, focused, and happy on every flight.

1. iPad Leg Strap:

It is easy for a pilot to lose their leg strap with even the tiniest bump of turbulence. This is a great accessory for pilot’s to hook their pricey tablets onto their legs in order to keep the iPad safely planted in an easy accessible location. The straps can be hooked on both in portrait and landscape for all the pilot’s tablet related needs.

2. Pilot Watch:

Years ago, pilots relied heavily on their watches for navigation. Now, many pilots have watches that are especially designed for aviation. Pilots often still reference these watches. Aviation watches are easier to read with bold numbers and they come with strong glass to protect the watch as well as an arrowhead index.

3. Pilot Headset:

Headsets are vitally important for pilots. They help to keep out the environmental noise in order to protect the pilots’ ears. There are two types of headsets that either block out ambient noise entirely or replace those sound waves with opposing waves. Most aviation headsets also come padded for comfort.

4. Aviation GPS:

All planes have a GPS system but there are also many accessories that are designed specifically as GPS devices for pilots. These GPS devices are more advanced than what we might have on our cell phones because they not only accurately show the location but they also determine the distance from the ground.

5. Medical Kit:

A pilot’s medical kit is far more advanced than a standard first aid kit because it is designed so that the pilot can help large numbers of people survive. The standard medical supplies are included but the kit takes into account the possibility of landing in any climate and includes all the necessary precautions.

6. Tracking Device:

Tracking devices can be very helpful for pilots in a bad situation. These devices attach to a smart phone and turn it into a satellite phone. Since planes are often places without access to cell phone towers it is vitally important that pilots still have access to communication devices and a tracking device gives them that connection.

Pilots who lack these accessories will likely not lack them for long. So if you have pilots in your life whether it is friends or family members then you know what to get them for gifts. Next time you fly, sneak a peek into the cockpit and chances are you will notice at least some of these accessories.

Sylvan Mishra has worked as a cargo pilot for the past 6 years and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. For more information on pilot supplies, visit

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