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Should You Use a Travel Agent for Business Travel?

Should You Use a Travel Agent for Business Travel?

Business professionals often wonder whether a travel agent would make their work-related trips easier or cheaper. Indeed, relying on a travel agent for business travel is a promising idea for several important reasons. Yet most companies have not yet tapped into the power of a travel agent and instead spend time wondering what’s best, Travelocity, Travelzoo or Expedia. We’re going to look at why partnering with a travel agent is a prudent alliance for all types of businesses and professionals.

The Best Fares

Travel agents often have access to comparably cheap fares. This is attributed to their connections with other companies and professionals in the travel industry. They leverage this massive network to save you as much money as possible on your business trips.

Let the Experts Work on Your Behalf

A travel agent will save you plenty of time so you can focus on handling matters that are the most important to your work. Travel agents find the lowest prices without investing an abundance of effort or time. Let them do what they do best and you won’t feel nearly as stressed out about the details of your business trips. Such stress has the potential to leak into your life in all sorts of unusual ways, whether it is by way of a headache, the inability to sleep soundly or a speeding ticket. If you are ticketed for speeding while on the road, be sure to enroll in a defensive driving course to keep your auto insurance rates in check and your driving record clear, according to Ohio Put in Bay.

Extensive Support

Your travel agent will be there when you have questions or concerns about your upcoming business trip(s). This professional provides you with extensive support for all matters relating to the logistics of your travels. Whether you are looking for a hotel in a specific area, advice on entertainment, the best route of transportation or assistance when travel interruption occurs, your travel agent will prove invaluable.

Considerable Travel Resources

Travel agents have access to online systems that provide immediate access to your full itinerary as well as other information you need to reach your destination on time and without interruption. Such resources provide information regarding the details of the itinerary, travel warnings for your destination, flight tracking data including delays, weather forecasts, exceptional discounts and offers, currency conversion and beyond.

Itinerary Alterations

If you book with an airline in a direct manner or through an online service, you will likely incur significant fees when altering your itinerary. Let a travel agent book your trip and those schedule changes might not be so expensive. In some instances, travel agents can make alterations to your plans without any extra charge.

Discounts and Upgrades

Most travel agents have access to significant discounts for everything from hotel rooms to car rentals, flights and beyond. These discounts are available as travel agents work with a considerable number of clients. The volume of transactions with an array of travel brands gives travel agents access to some amazing deals you could never obtain on your own. Aside from price discounts, travel agents can also help you score upgrades ranging from room upgrades to flight upgrades, free hotel breakfasts, VIP check-in at rental car kiosks and beyond.

Access and Knowledge

Travel agents have extensive access to myriad travel resources. They use these resources in quite the efficient manner when clients are in a jam. Whether you need information about upgrade options, flight paths, the lowest possible fares or other information pertaining to business trips, your travel agent will provide it. The travel agent’s goal is to make sure your business trip is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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