Friday , 28 February 2020
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Should The Government Ban PPI Policies?

The hot debate in the country today is whether the government should ban the personal protection insurance policy. This is after it discovered that most people who had applied for the policy did not claim for the premiums refund even after they finished repaying their loans or the mortgages. Meanwhile, the government has licensed a few PPI Reclaim companies to help people who have already finished repaying their loans to get their refunds fast. The insurance companies are to blame for this. The banks are also to blame because they actually advise their clients to sign up for the policy before thy can advance loans to them. But they do not info the clients that after they finish their loans or the mortgages, then they can claim for the refund of their premiums. Actually it is not a must that you finish the loan or the mortgage first so that you can claim for a refund of your premiums. The policy is not compulsory. People apply for this insurance coverage so that they can protect themselves against their own failure to repay the loans or the mortgages. As such, you can actually claim for a refund of your premiums at anytime.

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