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Shoplifting Schemes That Are Especially Damaging To A Business

Putting up a business requires patience, effort and most of all money. In fact, putting up a business is expensive and it is an investment you have to care for meticulously. In order for you to stay in business and get back the money that has been invested, profits have to be made each day. This is why protecting your business from shoplifters is essential as they can affect the profits you can earn. Shoplifting is a common problem for all businesses and this is why many business owners apply different shoplifting preventive measures to avoid losses. Aside from security cameras as well as uniformed and casually dressed security guards, there are other ways of identifying shoplifters and preventing them from successfully walking away with your goods.

Shoplifting Schemes Using Clothing

The most common shoplifting schemes used through the years is utilizing clothing items to hide, store and transport stolen goods.

Baggy Clothing – Baggy shirts and pants are common clothing items used to hide stolen items and both male and female shoplifters dress up in these. You must keep a watchful eye over shoppers wearing baggy clothes as they might have extra pockets sewn inside them.

Large Coats and Jackets – If you have a customer walk in wearing a large coat or jacket and keep his hands inside the pockets, stay alert. These clothing items can have slits cut into the pocket lining making it easy for shoplifters to slide a hand out and reach for a product while pretending to inspect an item with the other.

Full Skirts and Dresses – This scheme is often used by female shoplifters as full skirts and dresses allow them to place goods between their thighs. They can then easily walk away from the store without anyone suspecting that they have just committed a crime.

Shoplifting Schemes Using Random Items

Clothes are not the only items that shoplifters can use to steal and hide goods. There are various items that can be used and these depend on the creativity and goal of the shoplifter.

Umbrellas – Many businesses nowadays require their customers to leave their umbrellas behind along with other bags at the counter. This is because umbrellas, especially those with handles can be used as carriers for goods to be stolen. Shoplifters can easily hang their umbrellas on their arm and drop various goods into them while browsing through the store.

Strollers – Some shoplifters are so creative that they utilize baby strollers to hold stolen goods as these can be hidden underneath toys, blankets and even under the baby. In fact some shoplifters install false bottoms in baby strollers so they can shoplift constantly and conveniently.

Newspapers – The most innocent looking item can also be used to hide stolen goods. If the item is small, it can easily fit inside folded newspapers. Unfortunately, customers carrying newspapers are the last people to be suspected of shoplifting.

Keeping a constant eye over customers to prevent shoplifting is very difficult. Sometimes shoplifters are people who do not look, walk or talk like shoplifters at all and those that do look like shoplifters are actually honest customers. Those who shoplift can sometimes put up a tough legal battle too. Nevertheless, if you always practice caution in your business, the risk of shoplifting can lessen. In the event that you find yourself a victim of shoplifting, always seek the assistance of local police and a reputable lawyer.

Valerie Clearwater is a freelance writer specializing in criminal behavior and criminal legal cases for Elliot Savitz. She also offers information for those needing assistance from a well experienced lawyer and provides information for those who want to find out more about shoplifting and how it can be prevented.

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