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Shaza Al Madina: An Unparalleled Reflection of Arabian Luxury

Shaza Al Madina: An Unparalleled Reflection of Arabian Luxury

If you want to see the true potential of Arabians, check out Shaza Al Madina. Located just outside the haram, the five-star hotel was established to highlight the Arabian culture and lifestyle. It is a blend of ancient and present Arabia with a touch of the future Arabia. Al Madina is the second holiest place on earth in Islam and it attracts people from all over the world, particularly during Hajj. Shaza Al Madina is the perfect place to spend your days while in Madinah and following are the justifications behind this conclusion.

Shaza belongs to the largest global alliance of independent five-star hotels known as the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA). Shaza is a brand that is enabling the world to experience the Arabian culture and lifestyle with style. Merging the ancient Arabian architecture with contemporary architectural designs, the Shaza Al Madina has managed to create a unique design that enables its guest to travel to the ancient times in the present. In as much as we are in the 21st century, the Arabians have stayed true to their ways and are growing with the times. The moment you are in Shaza Al Madina, you notice that you have entered a different world. And it is not just the look and feel of the hotel that makes it so.

Arabians are a family people. They thrive on loyalty to the family, generosity, kindness, and politeness. Go out for a meal with an Arabian at a restaurant and don’t be surprised when he insists on paying for the meal. It is not that he believes he is better than you, it is just that the Arabian culture emphasizes so much on being generous and treating others with kindness. Share some chicken wings with an Arabian, and you are guaranteed to have the last piece. It is just the Arabian way. These qualities are also reflected in how they run their hotels. The Shaza Al Madina will cater to your needs and treat you like a sultan. Hotel booking in Al Madina can be a challenge during Hajj, why not start early with a hotel that will make things easy for you?

The Shaza Al Madina offers various irresistible services and facilities to their guests. Consider the Arabs the Kings of service. As a guest to the Shaza Al Madina, you will be picked up from the airport the moment you land in the city. You’ll find a personal attendant waiting for you, ready to ensure you feel welcome to the city and all your desires are met. If you had arranged your own means of transport, the hotel offers free parking for their guests. If you need any airline related assistance, the hotel will take care of it for you and ensure you get what you need. Of course, they have Wi-Fi and provide business services like currency exchange and conference rooms. The Shaza Al Madina also offers concierge services to ensure you lack nothing during your stay.

Madinah is an important spot in the Arabian Peninsula. As indicated earlier, its significance stems from its rich Islamic history. It is where Muhammed rests and several of his relatives too. It is the home to the three oldest mosques in the world:

  1. Masjid al-Qiblatayn
  2. Quba Mosque
  3. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

These establishments, coupled with their significance and history make Madinah the second most visited site in the Arabian Peninsula. When visitors and Islamic pilgrims visit the region, they need somewhere to stay. Shaza Al Madina was established with this reality in mind. It is the perfect place to stay in Madina, particularly during Hajj, as no one can show you the Arabian lifestyle like fellow Arabs, and no one understands Islamic ways like Muslims.

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