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Seudos Social

Seudos Social

It’s strange to think about how I used to work and live pre-internet. My go to tools for increasing productivy in the 90’s were post-it notes and 3 ring binders . Times continue to change fast but we’ve got to stay current right? Going through the process of finding the best possible apps gets more and more important each day it seems.

I won’t lie – I was initially skeptical about trying a social media app outside of the handful of them I already have (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.), but Seudos is impressive. To be a new app, it has quite a few features that I can’t find easily in other programs and keeps everything in one convenient place.


I can keep an up-to-date rolodex right beside my messages and keep up with the latest blog in the same app. I normally have to search through several programs on my phone and keep switching between them to correlate information.

It gets annoying real quick, and I could use something to keep it all in one place without having to copy and paste URLs into random apps in attempt to link information.

I use my phone for business and personal tasks, so an app that makes it a one-stop-shop is definitely helpful. If it saves me time, it saves me money, and I’m all for that. I can keep media, my calendar, and market information all right here.

I know it has a ways to go to match the reputation and exposure of the larger social media websites, but I think the Seudos model is the wave of the future.

There are too many niche apps that don’t take user preferences into account and only make changes after receiving a ton of feedback about something that doesn’t work. If you’re ready to take a look at an app that keeps your convenience as the priority, I would recommend giving this program a closer look.

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