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SEO strategies to implement in 2015 – Your way to the highest search engine rank

SEO strategies to implement in 2015 – Your way to the highest search engine rank

 Search engine optimization seems to be more like rocket science as with the right combination of widget and module and equation, the product might offer you the best solution in the long run. If you had used certain new technologies in 2015 and you’re thinking of using them again in 2015, you’re mistaken as they might have already become outdated. The gradually-dying tactics within the current competition is something that is barring you from moving to the top of the search engine rankings. With every New Year, you too need to reevaluate your search engine marketing strategies so that they’re in line with the current algorithm. Here are some of the search engine optimization strategies that you should employ in 2015 in order to be deemed as the best company online.

  1. Optimize for mobile search:  According to a recent study it has been  find out that 80% of adults only a Smartphone and the average time that they spend on a mobile device was 1.85 hours a day.  The statistics shows a half hour increase from the year 2012.  Hence it is needless to say that a search engine optimizer needs to design mobile friendly sites as nearly 50% of the traffic that comes to Google is from mobile devices.  Your mobile site should be equivalent in content presence and searchability as your desktop site.  Moreover having a mobile friendly website can also help you in increasing your search engine ranking.
  2. Focus on variation of keywords:  It has been a long time that is SEO has been evolved over the years to consider more than just singular keywords.  What is the trick behind knowing what keyword will actually work for your website?  You might have your own choices but in the rush to Lead the competition you might be missing out on some of the powerful keyboard phrases.  Use tools such as Rank Tracker and utilise the features “suggest keywords” to cut down on your efforts by easily incorporating information from 17 keyboard suggestion platforms.
  3. Embrace the social media:  Do a search for your company on different browsers and in different locations.  Take a note of the fact whether your social media pages like Facebook Twitter and Pinterest come up in the search.  If you want to lead the search engine rankings you have to maintain and grow a social media presence. If you are someone who still haven’t used the social media, this is high time that you create a commercial profile for your website and start interacting with your clients and customers.

Therefore if you are worried about securing the highest search engine ranking in 2015 and 2016, then you need to follow the above mentioned tips. If you are residing in Australia and you want to seek help of an SEO expert,  you can get help from a Search Engine Optimisation Australia company. However ensure that the expert has your best interests  in mind

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