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Safety For The Modern Community

We often read or watch the news and see how dangerous our community has become during these times. We no longer feel safe and secure in just walking around the streets. There are always incidences of mugging, pick pocketing, snatching, street violence, and other petty crimes. However, as members of the community, we can do something about it and reclaim the safety of our neighborhood.

The authorities give us some basic reminders and actions that we can do to keep our streets safe. First, establish a formal community watch. We can volunteer to keep our eyes and ears open for any incident that may need our attention. Of course, this should be done in coordination with the law enforcement authorities. Whenever a situation arises, the community watch group will never directly get involved, but is there just to keep watch and report any suspicious-looking articles, noise or persons to the proper agencies.

Second, our volunteers would need something to defend themselves in case an unavoidable situation arises. Carrying a gun can be dangerous and may even attract attention and more trouble. We recommend a good alternative: a stun gun. Stun guns can be easily procured and can be just as effective as a regular gun. There is a type of stun gun, the stun gun pen, which is handy and very easy to conceal.

Finally, keep our streets well-lit and clean. Dark alleys and dirty streets keep the people off and give a place for petty criminals to hide or stay. Every part of the community should be well-lit and clean to encourage everyone to be on the streets. Aside from building better relationships among neighbors and community members, this discourages criminals from staying in our neighborhood, knowing there is no place for them to hide.

Keep these simple reminders in mind to ensure that our community will be a safe and secure place to live in, not only for us but for our children and future generations to come.

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