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Quick Tips on How to DIY Your Homecoming Dress

Quick Tips on How to DIY Your Homecoming Dress

Your homecoming dress must be one of the most special and precious pieces of clothing you own. Yet, when we buy it from a store or online, there is often something just not right. Perhaps it’s something missing or alteration you need to make. This dress can either be the dress of your dreams or your nightmares. But, by just putting on your creative hat and getting crafty with your dress, you can create something unusual. DIYing your homecoming dress the right way will be one of the best decisions you ever make. It means that no one else is going to look the exact same as you or even have a dress as unique as yours.

While you may not feel confident enough to take some scissors and cotton to it yourself, if someone in your family is crafty then you can ask them to do it for you with your ideas. There are hundreds of great ideas you can get doing, and some of them are super easy too. They’ll make your homecoming dress stand out from the crowd and look beautiful on possibly the biggest day of your teenagerhood.

Our JJ’s House in-house designer, Jessica, has put together this list of 7 tips on how to DIY your homecoming dress! They’re sure to blow you away.

  1. Add flowers to the bottom of your dress, it’s always better to use fake flowers as you don’t want the petals to die and fall everywhere before the big day. You can easily buy some decoration flowers on Etsy. But, this can really add a uniqueness to your homecoming dress. Find a long dress and similar colored flowers (or ones that would match) and then get sewing them onto the end of your dress. You can sew them, so they’re almost like a skirt, or you can just add a few little ones for something different.
  2. Paint your dress, as it’s the perfect way to make your dress even more colorful and bright. Those who are creative will find it super fun and creative. It’s the ideal way to show off your talents too. Buying a plain or light colored dress then using your favorite paints on it will really add something else to your dress that no one else will have.
  3. Place on diamonds, as what could possibly make your homecoming dress any more princess-like? Diamonds. They’re a girl’s best friend, and they’re beautiful. Need I say any more? You can either sew or glue them onto your dress, just ensure you plan out where they will go beforehand, so it looks as pretty as it seems.
  4. Cut it up, but I don’t mean entirely – you can get crafty with your scissors and use them to create beautiful patterns in a plain homecoming dress. Perhaps you could design it on paper first and then make it a reality by using your own supplies.
  5. Add mesh, because who doesn’t love to look absolutely stunning in their attire for homecoming? If you’ve decided to opt for a shorter dress, then using a similar material to add mesh at the bottom really adds a beautiful touch. It will save you a ton of money (because mesh dresses are typically expensive) and it looks stunning. Plus, no one is going to have the same dress as you!

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