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Psychic Christopher Golden

Psychic Christopher Golden, psychic to the stars, has always been captivated by the subconscious. After discovering his uncanny knack for foretelling the future, he decided that he had to equip others with psychic awareness. He also discovered that it was necessary to offer his gift of clairvoyance in service of others.

Christopher offers his psychic ability online, by email or by phone. Clients can get psychic forecasts on their love lives and careers. They can also benefit from his advice on overcoming obstacles towards success.

An intuitive life coach, Christopher offers common-sense advice on how to break out of unhealthy living patterns and surmount difficult challenges. A practitioner of Adivaita Vedanta,
Christopher knows that human beings seek meaning from the events in their lives.

They need an “entertainment”, or story structure that helps to make this meaning, with a beginning, middle and end. His role as the Rishi, or psychic, is to introduce this structure to the lives of others. He thus offers karma readings and dream analysis as well. Find information on the 7 chakras on his website.

A draw of Christopher’s website is that it offers a 99% guarantee. Assuring, it debunks the love spells suggested by many other psychics, instead teaching clients how to use the metaphysical arts to reverse breakups, stop cheating or know someone’s thoughts. It also warns against gypsy psychic scams and details the signs of being the victim of one. Client testimonials prove the effectiveness of Christopher’s readings and methods. He uses his invaluable wisdom instead of ineffective melodrama.

Being able to find meaning in your life, improve relationships or battle challenges is always a need. Christopher’s website at will show you the way.

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