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Providing a Positive Presentation in Online Business

Talapia is often a farm-raised fish that is related to the carp. It grows best in water temperatures that exceed 82 degrees (F). For consumer purposes Talapia is generally fed a vegetarian diet high in corn products. Because Talapia is so prolific the fish can be sold cheaply. Consumers who want a healthier food choice will view this fish as a solid alternative. The warning is that this fish is low in Omega 3 fatty acids and high in Omega 6. Health professionals view this as potentially problematic. High levels of Omega 6 can be a source of difficulty for those with heart problems. High levels of Omega 6 can also cause inflammation.

There are a wide variety of pharmaceuticals that are introduced and later pulled from the market or made to carry rather lengthy disclaimers that list side effects – some include death.

This is an article about online marketing so let’s try to put some marketing perspective on the above two scenarios.

Almost every product has a downside. You won’t find many business websites that will concentrate on the real or perceived negatives related to the product being sold. They will bullet point the positives. They will feature testimonials from those who had a positive experience using the product.

If you can’t or won’t point out the positives in your online business then you are essentially pointing your potential customers to the back button. You will need to focus on the quality of the product, the aspects of personal convenience and positive cost comparisons to reach out to customers.

I am not advocating in any way the idea of falsifying information. I am encouraging you to accentuate the positive.

For instance the growth of Talapia sales is expected to nearly double within a year in American fish farms. Why? Perhaps it is because the economy has consumers thinking of ways to find healthy food choices on a diminished personal budget. In the mind of the consumer a tasty fish fillet that is inexpensive and filled with protein provides the value they are looking for.

Consumers will also opt for medications that will treat their symptoms. They may not even consider (or ask) what complications could arise from taking the medication. Sometimes this is a risk versus reward mentality where the benefits are seen to exceed the potential side effects.

As a business owner you have the obligation to let your customers see every positive side to your product. If you need to provide a disclaimer it should be a secondary page accessed by a link. I mention this because there may be a legitimate need to provide a disclaimer related to your product, but you may have choices in how that information is presented to potential customers. This is much like the terms and conditions page you will find on many sites. It doesn’t really stare you in the face, but it’s there for any who wish to take the time to read.

Hopefully you see your online business as a way to meet a real or perceived consumer need. You will do the best with your product or service when you concentrate on what your offering actually provides the consumer.

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