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Posts Table Pro – A Review of the Dynamic WordPress Table Plugin

Posts Table Pro – A Review of the Dynamic WordPress Table Plugin

The Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin is essentially meant for creating interactive document or digital media libraries or directories. I mean, if you have many documents on your WordPress website, the plugin enables you to present them in an organized, searchable and sortable fashion. It comes with many rare and unique features that make it easy for your site visitors to find documents and alternative digital media on your site. It is ideal for sites with many multimedia files like PDFs, Word files, research publications, sites with many articles like news websites, or even sites with videos, images and audio content. Let’s check it out.


Fully Customizable

The Posts Table Pro plugin enables you to present your digital media in a table format. You determine what columns the table will show as well as the names of those columns. And by table, I don’t necessarily mean just a table; the table format is just the structure behind the layout it displays. It is customizable, presentable, and goes well with any website theme.


We live in the age of responsive websites because people use devices of various screen sizes to access the web. The libraries and tables created by Posts Table Pro are fully responsive and will adjust to the screen size of whatever device is used to access them.


Search, Sort, Filter

The websites that will find this plugin most useful are those that deal with a lot of digital files like PDFs, research publications, Word Documents, Videos, Images, audio, and alternative digital media. The Posts Table Pro plugin easily enables your site visitors to find whatever digital content they are after just by entering its name in a search box. It is fully interactive as you can even see the digital media in the library being filtered as the text is entered in the search box. This is convenient for libraries with hundreds or thousands of digital files.

The sort feature enables site visitors to sort the directory alphabetically, by date, or using any column on the library. This makes it easier to find files on the directory if a visitor does not know the specific name of a file. This aspect is also useful for finding items that were published weeks, months, or years in the past.

The filter feature enables visitors to find documents by type or category. For instance, if the file is a PDF, all other file types will be hidden and only PDFs displayed. You are in charge of determining the categories that can be used to find documents. For instance, if a document is under Sports, you can include ‘Sports’ as one of the filter parameters.


Under normal circumstances, the plugin works just fine and you won’t find any delays in the way it displays content. The search, filter, and sort, features work instantly. However, for websites that contain so many files in a library or gallery and you wish to display quite a number of them on one page, there is a ‘lazy load’ feature that uses AJAX to speed things up. If you are not familiar with AJAX, it is a web technology that enables web pages to load content faster. It is mostly used on websites that retrieve content from a server often, as is the case with most libraries established using this plugin.

There is so much you can create using this plugin:

  • Table of contents
  • Article directories
  • Blog post index or any other index
  • Document libraries
  • Staff directory
  • Phonebook directories
  • Audio/ Video gallery
  • Image gallery
  • Book directory
  • Product catalog
  • Testimonials section for your site
  • Or anything that would work well in a directory or tabular format.

If you want to create anything that fits the above, you’ll be wasting your time if you look elsewhere. You’ve got everything you need and more with the Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin.

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