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Poor-Sucker Syndrome: the Story about Leeches and the Men that Feed Them

Poor-Sucker Syndrome: the Story about Leeches and the Men that Feed Them

Step into the shadowy underworld of everyday women in short dresses and high heels, prowling for men to sink their hooks into. In the last decade, the Poor-Sucker Syndrome has surpassed unemployment as the single leading cause of damage to Mankind’s happiness: that is, a man becomes obsessed with a woman and is taken advantage of financially in a misguided pursuit of affection and affirmation—more precisely: leeched. It is a silent killer from which no man is completely immune.

Probably the most important, funny and scary book you will ever read – and the best investment you will ever make.

In one of the most unique and personal self-help books to ever come along, a well-researched and personal account, Mitch Vandell gives name to and breaks down this widely familiar yet rarely recognized mental disorder into short, bite-sized chapters. These include the psychological enablers of leeching, an overview of basic leeching strategies, and the environmental and socio-economic risk factors involved in contracting the syndrome.

You cannot always tell just by looking at a man if he suffers from this “deadly” syndrome. This book is designed to raise awareness about the complex motivations and social dynamics behind men’s latent self-destructive tendencies to give up everything for a girl with a pretty smile and dimples.

A must-read self-help/defense book for men
The ultimate get-rich-quick guide for women

This is a must-read book designed to save men from the slippery slope of going from an envied playboy to a pitied poor sucker. On the other hand, it is also a get-rich-quick guide for women on the fine art of breaking down a man’s defenses to max out his credit cards and liquidate his whole net worth…all with a lick and a promise.

This great book is available for free download from April 10 to April 14 by accessing this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007S271IW

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