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Pizza with PayPal

Ever felt the need to gorge on some pizza but didn’t have the cash at hand? How about if you could pay for your pizza with PayPal? Does the idea sound good? Well, to me it sounds great and this website offers the possibility to pay for pizza with PayPal! And not just any kind of pizza – but great, popular brands, like Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s pizza.


 But wait – that’s not all! You can also use Amazon with PayPal! The whole thing works pretty easy – you simply need to send them a payment using PayPal for which you’ll receive a gift certificate from them, for the service or product you’re interested in. Say you want to order pizza from Pizza Hut. You can order the Pizza Hut gift certificate (a process which won’t take longer than 30 minutes) and then use the gift certificate for whatever products they sell, whenever you want.

It’s a great way to indulge in life’s simple pleasures when you don’t have cash at hand and don’t want to wait the extra days for the transactions to pass through your bank and end up into your personal bank account. Furthermore, it’s a way to simply, effectively and anonymously pay for services and products. The same goes for Amazon – you get the change to buy a gift certificate which then can be used to cover the expenses of items ordered from Amazon. The system works, it’s foolproof and safe for your identity and accounts.


The website looks amazing as well. Once you start browsing it, there’s but a small chance that you’ll end up not getting something. It’s fun, it’s simple and full of information. You’ll learn about how  to order pizza with PayPal and how to use PayPal at Amazon in a few easy steps. From there on, you can create an account which will help you better manage your purchases from this website. A virtual cart is available as well, containing the items you’ll want but didn’t want to order yet. Again – transactions take up a short while, so you can easily decide on the spot what to get and get it the same day – and in most cases, the same hour!


Aside from that, you also get the unique chance of buying gift cards or certificates for a number of other popular brands, like PetSmart, Banana Republic, Best Buy, Gap, etc. This means that you’ll have an expanded and great portal from where you can get the most out of your shopping needs. Not only that – but you can give away your gift certificates as well! Ever stopped and wondered about what could you possibly get for a friend, not knowing what their preferences were? Well now – you won’t have to figure it out. Simply buy a gift certificate at one of the many retailers featured here and then give someone the gift certificate. They’ll be able to get what they want, when they want it, without you having to worry whether or not you’ve made the right choices.


There are a lot of places where you can now pay with PayPal for your shopping. Simply visit the website’s Product page to be redirected to a complete list of all the retailers they’re working with. To get the gift certificate, simply click on a retailer, say Amazon, and then you’ll be redirected to the respective page where you can get your gift certificate with one click. It’s easy, straightforward and pretty intuitive, if you think about it. Not only that – but it’s 100% safe and secure in terms of transactions.

The How to Order section will show you exactly what to do if you get stuck at any point, for whatever reason. And the FAQ section will answer the most commonly asked questions related to this service. Most websites which offer something for sale don’t spend the time explaining the process or allowing the user to feel safe and secure about his or her transaction. But this website does because it is simply focused on the end-user – that’s me and you, regular people who simply want to enjoy a pizza now, without having to hold any cash upon us.

Users using this service also have asked for more retailers to be added and the webmasters answered! And voila – now you can choose from a wide array of stores and retailers to buy from using only your PayPal account. Of course, these stores won’t let you directly use PayPal to order, but you can get gift certificates which is basically the same thing, but taking advantage of a loophole in the system.


All in all, PayPizzaPal is a great website, an even greater initiative and an awesome way for you to enjoy life without having to worry about not having any cash at hand.

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