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Orange Announces Plans of Launching Video On Demand Services in South Africa Next Year

Orange Announces Plans of Launching Video On Demand Services in South Africa Next Year

Operating a small commercial business in the markets of South Africa, Orange Horizons, a South African subsidiary of the French telecom giant Orange, is all set to launch video-on-demand services in South Africa in the upcoming year.

Orange Horizons operates in South Africa as a small retail business, with just one retail outlet based in Cape Town. Orange Horizons was basically trading smartphones and devices through online channels, now wishes to turn into an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South Africa. Post becoming the ISP it also plans to launch Video-on-Demand services to the customers.

Globecast which is completely owned by Orange in South Africa right now is already providing television based local video streaming services in South Africa. Orange VoD is an existing player in the South African markets and might offer partnership for rolling out video-on-demand services in the region. The plan is to offer a complete package of services including Internet access, distribution, a VOD, free TV channels, and voice over IP services after establishing itself as an ISP. With the launch of Netflix services in Southern Europe through various operators such as Orange and Sky, there has been a significant growth of VOD services in South Africa. For more information on Orange services, you can also contact their helpline on 0844 880 4035.

Video-on-demand services allow the user to select the video or audio content online and watch or hear it as it streams. This enables the user to watch the videos as per their convenience rather than waiting for a particular broadcast to happen at the fixed time. One can stream the content through a set-top box, or can stream content over internet on the computer devices or smartphones. The most popular and recent video-on-demand is the internet television which allows the user to watch the TV based content online with live streaming.

If Orange launches itself in the South African markets next year it will be competing with several big names of the VOD industry. The major competitor is said to be HKT, a Hong Kong based telecom operator. Other big names to enter the VOD markets of South Africa are Showmax by Naspers, Vidi by the Times Media Group, Netflix and Frontrow by MTN. All these names too are planning to launch themselves in South Africa in 2016.

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