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Modern websites – How should they look like?

Modern websites – How should they look like?

A modern website should attract viewers with both visual and interesting content. It is known that the first thing that catches the user’s attention will be the image, so it’s worth ensuring that the visual layer is really attractive.

The visual aspect is the basis

You’ve probably seen more than once that the visual layer of a website is something that plays a key role in attracting the user’s attention. Many web development agencies emphasize that compact blocks of text on the first page do not bode well for the content of the entire website. So the first impression counts here the most!

Take care of uniform colors on the page

When you hire a web development agency, make sure they will design your site based on one color domination. Such action visually harmonizes and allows you to consciously direct the user’s attention. The multi-colored elements of the website are no longer something that enjoys greater interest because they act distractingly and do not allow the user to focus on receiving the content of the page.

Personalized images and photos on the site

The modern website should have properly selected images and photos. Experts advise not to always use ordinary stock photos. Stock photos are often not of the highest quality and are repeated on many pages. Currently, hiring a photographer and performing a professional photo session is at your fingertips. Such a personalized session of your office and team will positively contribute to building a good image on your site.

Simple site navigation is at a premium

A modern website should be intuitive and user-friendly. The menu of your website should be transparent, legible and easy to navigate the user from the first moment you appear on the page.

Content yes, but properly provided

It is known that a valuable website will contain images and texts because without relevant content you will not encourage a potential customer with your offer. Make sure your content is visually appealing.

  • divided into shorter text blocks,
  • titled,
  • sub-heads,
  • bullet lists,
  • everything that will make it easier for the user to understand the content that you have prepared for him.

Also, remember to leave a “break for the eyes”, i.e. spaces in the texts that will make it easier for the user to read the content and his eyes will not be so tired.

Take care of the details on your website

A modern website is also a concern for consistency and all details appearing on the website. It is important that the font be unified, simple and pleasing to the eye. Don’t mix with many different fonts. Also, make sure that each section on the page is built on the same visual scheme because it will help the user to understand the page. All these elements will make your website look nice, transparent and modern and the user will gladly come back to your services.

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