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If you’re interested in learning details about upcoming medical conferences or health conferences around the world, as well as those which already took place or are taking place right now, then Medisitu is the resource for you.

On the first page, there are three main categories: upcoming events, current events and past events. You can browse through them at your own leisure and you’ll get information about each in part. You’ll be able to find out where the conference is held, who are the organizers, get a complete description about the conference’s aims and a picture gallery to boot.

If you feel like browsing a map of events, then Medisitu also provides a real-time map of medical conferences and health conferences from around the world. The map opens up and you’ll get an ample world map in front of you, with each event sticking out with a red pin. Clicking the red pin takes gives you more information about the event and clicking on the name, will take you to the event’s page.

You even have the option to search for an event, based on name, category, date and location. This makes it really easy to find out whether you’ve missed one or if you still have the chance to catch one that interests you. The tool is a great thing for medical professionals and medical students who wish to gather up more knowledge about their trade.

On the website, users can even create an event of their own, if it doesn’t appear posted already. The process is pretty simple and it involves you filling all the information pertaining to the event itself: like location, description, maps, photos, videos and event type. There are two options when it comes to billing for adding the event: the first basic one is free, while the second one will be featured on the website for an entire year.

Users can find all pertinent information about the website, like contact info and a FAQ section as well. Having these added, ensures that Medisitu offers its users a complete experience, while filling any gaps in terms of user comprehension when it comes to the website’s function. The About Us section talks about the people behind the website, what the goal is of this medical conferences and health conferences directory, while the Privacy Statement makes sure that everything is in accordance as far as legal concerns go.

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