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Medical Cleaning Services: What You Need to Know

Medical Cleaning Services: What You Need to Know

Cleaning is essential in any space, be it a home, apartment, or commercial establishment. It’s even more important in medical facilities. Medical cleaning does not only focus on looking at the place neat, clean, and organized. More importantly, it focuses on making every square inch disinfected and clean.

A clean medical facility uplifts everyone’s mood, giving them peace of mind. Medical cleaning services keep the whole facility as healthy as possible by preventing or at least minimizing the spread of infection. It protects the welfare and health of the staff, patients, and visitors. In a medical setting, there is nothing more important than the welfare and health of everyone in the building.

Medical cleaning vs commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning covers various facilities and establishments, such as retail stores, banks, schools, and offices. However, commercial cleaning services do not cover medical facilities. Medical cleaning is more specific. The cleaning needs of hospitals and other medical facilities are different and far more challenging.

Hence, it’s important that only professionals who have extensive experience in medical cleaning will do the job. They are better equipped at cleaning substances that may be harmful to one’s health. Medical cleaning is more thorough and strict.

Cleaning vs disinfecting

Cleaning is more general than disinfecting. It mostly deals with removing dirt and common allergens like dust, grime, oil, food waste, and such. Cleaning does not necessarily mean disinfecting. Disinfecting is more thorough in a sense that its main aim is to destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses.

In medical facilities, both cleaning and disinfecting are required. The surface and space do not only have to be clean, but they also need to be disinfected and sterilized.

Basic medical cleaning checklist

Every nook and corner, every tiny detail needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Leave these for the professionals. However, this does not mean that you won’t do your part as well. By following a medical cleaning checklist, you can clean and disinfect the essential parts of the hospital or medical facility.

To keep things simple, you can just focus on the following:

  • The beds, including the headboard, footboard, side rails, and mattress, among other parts of the bed,
  • Areas that are commonly touched, such as door, door knob, cabinet handles, light switches, faucets, armchairs, table tops, bedside table tops, phone, and TV remote.
  • Nurse call device, phone cord, IV pump control, and IV pole.

It’s important to note that when disinfecting, you must only use hospital-grade disinfectants that are EPA-approved. The checklist only covers the basic, or the surfaces that are regularly touched. The primary focus of this is to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Cleaning the walls and floors from time to time also helps.

Outsourcing medical cleaning services

Medical facilities are not easy to clean. Everything needs to be cleaned and sanitized. Not to mention the dangerous substances which need proper handling and disposal.

Here are the reasons why you need to outsource:

  • It keeps your medical facility always ready for inspection;
  • They use quality products and leading equipment;
  • It’s more cost-efficient;
  • Up-to-date cleaning methods; and
  • Qualified, experienced, and well-trained cleaners.

Hence, it’s wise if you outsource medical cleaning and leave the job to well-equipped, experienced professionals. You can just focus on other important things, like running the hospital, taking care of the patients, and the like.

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