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Managed European VPS Hosting (Netherlands and Sweden)

Managed European VPS Hosting (Netherlands and Sweden)

With VPS hosting, multiple users host their websites through one physical server. The hardware and internet bandwidth capacity are also shared. Even though at first you may think that it sounds quite a bit like shared hosting, it is actually quite different.

With VPS (virtual private server) every user has their own partitioned portion of the server, so it’s actually like many small servers on one large server. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the same advantages offered by a dedicated server at a lower cost. You have root access along with your own operating and file system.

Webmasters love the amount of control that they get with a virtual private server. You can do so much with this type of hosting without ever having to worry about issues with performance such as installing software, configurations and hosting multiple websites. Another nice advantage is that you never have to get permission before rebooting the server.

For example, here’s a nice deal for Managed VPS Hosting in Netherlands and Sweden:

AltusHost, a Netherlands based Web Hosting company provides Award Winning European VPS Hosting Services. 
All Packages are covered by 24/7 Professional Technical Support! 
Unlike other providers AltusHost has own Network and Hardware, this assure you that AltusHost keeps full control all the time. 
Best of all, our VPS packages start as low as $15/mo and it’s 100% Risk FREE To try AltusHost VPS Hosting, as AltusHost offers 14 days Full Money Back Guarantee!

With VPS hosting, you have the advantage of added security and quality performance at a reasonable price. This can be the perfect solution for business owners who need to upgrade from shared hosting, but aren’t yet prepared to pay for a dedicated server. Due to the fact that this type of hosting is in high demand now, the prices are a lot lower than you might think. Also, since you have an isolated platform and operating system, resources like RAM and CPU are going to be guaranteed, along with memory and hard drive space.

Reselling hosting is another option when it comes to virtualization. With a virtual private server you have a lot more control over what you are offering to your customers, and it is all much more advanced than what you would get with a shared server. You will need a certain amount of technical skills to use VPS, but as long as you have basic computer skills and a decent understanding of how hosting works you should be fine.

Additionally, the extra advantages that you get will make it worth it if you have to pay someone to do tech support. The amount of privacy that you get is a huge advantage, as well as the added security. Most people who use a virtual private server will tell you that having guaranteed resources and quality performance makes a virtual private server worth any extra money you would have to spend on it.

In some cases shared hosting will still be sufficient. However, if you are planning to grow your business and drive a lot of traffic to your website you will find that shared hosting is not going to be enough. You can find a nice happy medium between shared hosting and a dedicated server by choosing to use a virtual private server.

It’s perfect for people that want to have more control over their website without having to make such a large investment. You get so much control and flexibility that it is just like a dedicated server, but VPS hosting is so cost effective that you can get the best of both worlds.

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