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Making Fast Cash with Nothing but Your Body

Making Fast Cash with Nothing but Your Body

There are many reasons why one might need to make fast cash. You might need to pay off a debt or buy something that will only be available for a limited time. The reasons are specific to each situation. What is generally true for all these cases is that getting a lot of cash in short notice is quite difficult. Sure there are loans, but those only work if you have some sort of collateral to put up. But what if you have nothing but your body. It might limit your options, but it does not remove them.

Fast cash through donations

There are quite a few things that are produced by your body that you can donate in order to make a few quick bucks. The easiest of these would be your blood plasma. This is a relatively simple process that could take about an hour and a half from your day. You can make between $15 to $50 per donation. How frequently you can donate depends on the organization you are donating to. Some let you donate up to twice a week, while some only let you donate one every 28 days.

You can also donate your bone marrow for a few hundred dollars. This is not one of the most painless ways, but if you are desperate, this is a good, legal way to make fast cash. This often is not advertising to prevent the occurrence of financially needy donors who are likely to be health risks.

Men can also sell their sperm, and women can sell their eggs. Both require a screening process, with women having the more tedious process. However, women can make up to five figures per donation, while men can only make up to around $250.

Fast cash through participation

New medications and medical procedures are popping up all the time, and they need to be tested on human beings before they can hit the market. This is why they are willing to pay people to try them out. These clinical trials can pay up to a few thousand dollars. You barely even have to do anything. You really just have to take what they give you and do a few tests.

This is usually done by people who are pretty healthy unless the trial needs someone who has a particular illness. If you think you might have what it takes, go ahead. You could make fast cash without needing anything more than what you were born with.

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