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Make Your Office Comfortable as Well as Functional

Make Your Office Comfortable as Well as Functional

When you consider that many American’s spend the lion’s share of their time in the office, it only makes sense for productivity to make the area a better place for them to work. A lot of office spaces are functional to the point of being uncomfortable for the employees who use them.

Dividers and Cubicles

Multi-user tables are a distraction and can be pretty. Wall dividers or partitions can help as it gives each person a bit of defined space and can help keep workers focused on the job at hand. Another option is to choose cubicles or stations like the ones at system furniture Los Angeles where a person has everything at hand in drawers or cabinets and has a locked area for personal items.


Overhead fluorescent fixtures may be the most economical to operate, but they can also produce an annoying hum and may flicker a bit causing headaches. Incandescent light fixtures can be easier on the nerves, but can also cast shadows. It may be helpful to have desk lighting at each station.


A few sheets of paper rustling, the clicking of a pen and the thunk of a stapler may not seem like much, but when multiplied by a couple of dozen office workers, the noise can be a big distraction. You can cut down the refracted noise by installing carpet throughout the office rather than tile or hardwood. Noise-canceling ceiling tile can also help with audio pollution.


While a room that is too warm can create a sleepy environment, an area that is too cool can cause employees to be too focused on feeling chilled and can create tension in the neck and shoulders. Some believe an ambient temperature of between 70 and 73 to be an ideal range.

A more comfortable employee is a more productive and more content part of the workforce. Do what you can for them and they will do more for you.

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