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Love Thy Coupon – Word And Phrases For Coupon Collectors

Couponing can be quite a daunting place when you’re a beginner. There’s so much to learn about the marketplace and very few people to take your hand and walk you through everything. The best way to learn, though, is to get your feet wet in the sea of couponing and tries not to get carried away on the tide. The best thing for a beginning couponer to do is to get involved with the jargon. Frankly, to a newbie, coupon-speak might as well be a new language. Here are a few helpful words and phrases that you might need in this game:

Stacking: When it comes to if your coupons are able to play nice with each other: that counts as stacking. An example is if you have Lane Bryant coupons or a 6PM coupon code and you add another of those Pacsun coupons or another Toms promo code to the mix, would the final result be a doubling of the savings? Or is only one coupon allowed per item? Knowing this could significantly increase your savings.

OYNY: On Your Next Order. These coupons are valid for the next time you order or shop at a certain place. They’re usually only valid for a certain store or chain of stores so take note of which store it’s for so you don’t miss out on your discount.

MIR: Mail-In Rebate. These rebates allow you to save by using the postal service to get a cash back bonus from the company.

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