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Looking to get the flawless looking skin? Here are 7 Ways!

Looking to get the flawless looking skin? Here are 7 Ways!

We are sure by this point you know what beauty sleep is, and you may be wondering if it is actually real. Turns out, it actually is.

When it comes to the issue of beauty routines, makeup and diet are important factors to looking flawless, but sleep is even more important to getting to a ‘fountain of youth’ state. The body takes advantage of this resting period to repair itself and recover from any injuries, leading to a mass of benefits for maintaining your looks and staying young. The key however, is to get enough amounts of snooze time – that means seven to nine hours a night.

If you are among the many people that sleep less than six hours a day, it is likely affecting how you look, regardless of whether you know it or not. Here are some beauty and skin benefits you receive when you get enough rest, even if it is for a few days.

You have fewer wrinkles

While you are asleep, the skin is repairing itself as much as possible by producing more collagen, and this is key to reducing wrinkles and sagging. More collagen directly means that the skin looks more firm and plump, making you look healthier.

When you only get five or six hours a night, it in fact leads to twice as many fine lines on the face, and it also makes the skin drier, which also means the lines on your face are more visible. 

Glowing complexions

Part of the regeneration process of the skin is improving of blood flow, meaning that you wake up with a healthy glow to the skin. When you reduce your sleep, you are guaranteed to have skin that looks lifeless, ashen or drab, and your overall look is a more exhausted one.

The deprivation of sleep leads to a reduction in blood flow to the skin, and you lack the rosy kind of look, even if you apply as much makeup as possible for the day.

The skin has a better response to skin products

When the skin is in renewal mode, that is the point when all the anti-aging ingredients you might be using will be in their most effective state – the skin uses them as more of building blocks that can repair the wrinkles in the skin.

All the heavy hitter ingredients, such as glycolic acid and retinol, are the reasons you will wake up with very beautiful skin in the morning, as the skin is more responsive at night. Another reason to apply them before you sleep is because the sunlight has the tendency of breaking down their active ingredients, which leads you skin to become more sensitive to sun damage and more irritated.

To reduce the risks of irritation, it is best to alternate glycolic products and retinol ones, in addition to always applying sunscreen in the morning and during the day.

Poor sleep causes drier skin

When you are asleep, the temperature of your skin changes throughout the night, and the skin becomes more acidic in its pH level while becoming slightly hotter. These two factors are the main ones responsible for the skin looking dry when you have not slept well, and is why dermatologists recommend that you save the heavier creams for the night.

However, if you have oily skin, you do not want to use heavy creams, as they can lead to cysts or acne, but there are creams that are sufficient enough to take care of your skin while you sleep.

Reduces the chances of breakouts

When you encounter a tired person, you notice that they become more and more cranky – and when you look at them, you understand why, and you encourage them to go and rest. This is due to cortisol, because the body is stressed from trying to make the person stay awake.

When you are tired, the body produces the hormone cortisol in larger amounts, and this has a significant effect on the stress levels you have. However, the hormone also has an effect on the skin, and this can lead to breakouts.

The good news is cortisol levels reduce significantly as you sleep, and lower levels of the hormone also means that the skin has the perfect opportunity to repair itself and regenerate. That also means something else though – the more you miss out on sleep, the more the cycle of repair is disrupted. The high levels of cortisol always interfere with the functioning of the body, its healing process, and this can promote breakouts of acne and otherskin conditions such as eczema.

Keeps you looking younger for longer

When we head back to the effects of cortisol, here is one of them that happens to be a major one – it leads to the breakdown of collagen when the levels are persistently high, as well as elastic tissue that keeps the skin from sagging.

This means only one thing – premature aging.

The other problem with lack of proper sleep is that the body does not make much of the human growth hormone that is responsible for encouraging production of cells, so the skin loses its thickness as the days go by.

When it lacks time to make newer cells and repair the damage from the previous day, you can say hello to faster ageing, in addition to collagen stiffening permanently and leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

Development of dark circles

When you sleep, the cells of your skin and body recover and regenerate. When you fail to get sufficient sleep though, the blood cells around your eyes dilate, and leads to dark circles (contributing to the tired appearance).

You do not have to use a solid mattress from Tuft & Needle at Lowes or extra beddings to get a good night’s sleep and prevent the problem–but you do need to prioritize getting sufficient quantity of sleep without waking up feeling tired.

Final thoughts

Sleep is more important to maintaining the overall health of your skin than you may realize – so it is important to prioritize it in your beauty routine and make sure you are making the most of it.

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