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Living An Active And Independent Lifestyle As A Senior

Living life as a senior citizen these days is different from what your grandparents experienced. Medical breakthroughs in areas like senior dementia mean the elderly are staying active even once they move to a facility with assistance options like a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC in Ohio, for example. For a person facing retirement, CCRC is a practical solution to growing older, but maintaining a level of independence.

What Does It Means to Live in a CCRC?

CCRC centers provide care at a level necessary to maintain quality of life. Aging is a process. For many seniors, it is a time when they can do things that they were too busy to do while building careers or having families. Life in a CCRC does not interfere with that right to age gracefully.

A continuing care, or life-care, community has different levels of service. It is a place that seniors can get help when they need it, but only if they need it. The staff formulates activities based on the care level. A senior citizen might enter the community as a stage where they are completely independent. They exercise regularly, take part in activities with friends, go on vacation and visit the family when they want. As they get older and need further assistance, CCRC has staff on hand to help.

Where Do Residents Live?

Continuing care communities are about flexibility. Most properties have different housing options for their residents. As needs change, they can move into a more appropriate environment. A fully independent senior can live in a single-family home or apartment. If they reach a point where they need help with daily activities, assisted living sections are available. There are facilities with living units that provide full-time supervision, meals and medical care, as well.

What about Staying Active?

That really is the ultimate goal for most people facing retirement. For example, a CCRC in Ohio, sets that same standard for residents. This is not a hospital facility meant to house people as they age. The continuing care structure provides different levels of activity with a variety of care and housing situations. Residents maintain quality of life regardless of their assistance needs.

The golden years are not a time to sit around doing nothing. Staying active is a critical part of maintaining both physical and mental health. That doesn’t change just because your kids grow up and move on. Life should not stagnate because you no longer report to a job every day. It is the purchase of facilities like life-care communities to remove that concept from the senior lifestyle and promote a sense of freedom for residents.

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