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List Building: A Great Way To Build Your Business

List Building: A Great Way To Build Your Business

List Building is an essential tool to your online business. Have you heard the online marketing comment that says the money is in the list? It is the truth. The saying refers to the larger your list of subscribers, the more sales you will make.

The list is contact information you have from the visitors to your website. Let’s face it. It is easier to sell to a friend than to a stranger. This is as simple as it gets. Once you have someone on your list you can send helpful information to that person and once you have his or her trust you can start selling to him or her.

You will need to set up an auto responder on your website home page. This is a software that collects contact information and then allows you to send out messages to your contact list on a basis you decide. The price for the software is about twenty dollars per month.

When people see your free report they will know that they have to give you their email address to get it. Some people ask for more like their telephone number and even address. You will not get too many people giving this information away. So do not make it a requirement for the free report.

You can set up your auto responder to ask for that information but not require it to get the free report. You do need to make the email address a requirement however. You want to ask the visitors to your website for their primary email address. People today have throw away email addresses they never check. You want their primary address so they will be sure to see your messages.

You also want to ask for their primary email address. People have so many trash email addresses that they give these addresses to get free offers and then they never check them again after they get your free report. You now have their email address and now you can send them regular offers related to your website business.

Do not send sales offer right away. Build trust and build a relationship with your subscribers. Once you do this then you can start sending out sales information and offers. But make sure you are seen as a friend and not someone trying to sell with each scheduled email message. Remember it is easier to sell to a friend than a stranger. Your plan is to build that trust and relationship with your subscribers.

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