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Learn the simple ways to convert DVD video

Learn the simple ways to convert DVD video

People are living in a fast paced world and DVD is one among the latest technology that reached great popularity within a few years since its arrival. This has made it quite common for us to store our movies as DVDs and have stowed it away safely in our TV shelves. If you have immense pride about your movie collection then you can now give them a make over by transferring it to your PC or hand held devices. However you need not spend a ransom to invest in a technology that helps in converting your DVD files as you have the Movavi video converter. This product has already received great reviews and a warm welcome by its users who are top IT professionals, home makers, teenagers, students, editing professionals, media personnel and many others. You need not make a frantic search for this efficient product as it is readily available at the Movavi.


Easy ways for DVD conversion:

With this potent software designed exclusively for windows and Mac users, you can now rip your DVD movies or home videos that you have on your AVCHD camera or similar ones by following few steps. These steps are offered by the technical team at movavi to enable you to perform the task of DVD conversion similar to a professional.

Step 1: Open the Movavi Website to download the powerful DVD converter. Then open it and then install it on your computer. Now this amazing DVD video converting software is ready to use.

Step 2: Now insert your DVD disc into the PC drive and then click Add DVD option at the upper left corner in the movavi product window. Now find the disc in the DVD drive in the movavi window and choose Select Folder.

Step 3: Now select the convert to option and select the designed format to convert the DVD video by using the video and audio format. You can find that it support more than 180 formats and codec. Save the movie in the preferred format to enable it to play on your portable device.

You can also select the select the name of the device you own by clicking on the long list under the devices program will perform the task of estimating the video file’s size and you can choose other format if it does not meet your requirements.

Step 4: Now check the field called destination and make changes to the output file on the folder by choosing browse option. Then proceed to choose the convert option in the lower right side and wait until you process the video. As soon as the conversion gets complete, the folder which has DVD videos which were converted would open automatically.

You must make sure that you follow the instruction found in the website of movavi before using the video converter to make the conversion a breezy affair. With this product, you will not only rip your DVD as video files but also change the other video formats in to DVD formats.

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