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Lead Capture Pages and Autoresponders

Do you want to generate leads and subscribers from your website or blog? Then it’s probably time you setup some professional lead capture tools. What kind of tools you ask? For starters you’re going to need a reliable autoresponder system to capture your prospects details and followup with them.

There are many autoresponder systems to choose from but you want to make sure you choose one that allows you to make beautiful contact forms without having to hire a designer or coder. Many people signup for an autoresponder system only to find out the form they are provided is ugly and unprofessional looking. To have a designer create a custom capture form and link it your autoresponder system can sometimes cost $100 or more.

Keep in mind that you want your autoresponder forms to work on mobile devices too so a responsive form design should be at the top of your list when searching for providers.

The next tool you’re going to need will be capture pages, lead pages or squeeze pages as others often call them. These pages will be used to single out very specific offers you are promoting and for any direct marketing campaigns you are running such as email marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns or other advertising methods.


 Having great looking capture pages will convert more of your visitors into actionable leads. Offering some type of value proposition such as a free report, or white paper reinforcing the value in your offer can always help boost your optin rates too.

Are you looking for the perfect lead page builder and autoresponder system?

EZLeadCapture.Com provides a suite of lead capture tools such as capture pages, autoresponders, custom optin form builders and more! Our tools are portable and will work with any HTML website or WordPress Blog. By pasting our simple embed code you can take advantage of our excellent suite of tools.

You no longer need to purchase optin tools from several different companies or hire programmers to develop “custom” work for you. With the EZLeadCapture.Com suite of lead capture tools you’ll have everything you need to build and manage optin lists from any website or blog that you control.

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