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Kenneth Therro the man behind Alwayz Therro

Kenneth Therro created Alwayz Therro out of passion for not giving up. Music and photography is one of his greatest passions. In the summer of 2009 he came up with an idea to make a platform for everyone with a passion who never wants to give up. Kenneth Therro never went to school for magazines, photography or music.

Mr. Therro picked it up over time with straight passion. Alwayz Therro features new and upcoming photographers, artist, models and new business gurus looking to make a name in the industry.


Kenneth Therro and Alwayz Therro have come up with a great concept – allowing other photographers, artists, models and business gurus to promote their work and their services on this beautifully created magazine.

So if you’re interested in promoting yourself, be sure to get in touch with Kenneth Therro and Alwayz Therro. Their magazine is available for purchase in print or digital format on the website – and you should really get a copy and help Kenneth Therro and Alwayz Therro in their wonderful endeavor. All in all, a great service which will surely benefit struggling artists, photographers and musicians in creating a name for themselves.

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