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Just what is media buying?

As with all industries that seem to go on behind the scenes, media buying is an industry that is not fully understood. It can be basically described as negotiating with media owners, such as television stations and magazine publishers, for space or airtime. With a media campaign the eventual goal is this space or airtime.  However, this valuable commodity does not come cheaply and many businesses have not got the budget to put down enough funds to be able to achieve a successful media campaign.

An alternative method for negotiating media space can be to offer up goods or services that would likewise benefit the media company you are attempting to negotiate with. However, it can be difficult to find a media company who is interested in the services or products that your company can offer, which is where a company who specialises is media buying comes into play. It is likely that this company has contacts to make the process easier and their experience will help them suggest which services/ products may be the most effective in the procurement of media services.

Smart media buying has the benefit of delivering competitive prices for available media space, with the added benefit of giving new added value to a client. However, it is a very competitive industry and it can be easy for a media company to try to take advantage of a client’s desire for media space, it is in situations such as these that experienced media negotiators can make sure to acquire the best possible deal. It is important to set limits on media campaigns for just these situations, and a professional media negotiating company will make sure that these limits are not exceeded.

With every media campaign it is important to set your marketing objectives, such as are you looking just to increase your brand awareness? You can have alternate media campaigns running at the same time, each with their own marketing objective so it is very important to keep your goal in mind when setting limitations and working out which media type it is best to approach. Experience is the key here. An experiences media negotiator will be able to either advise on, or know when, to direct a campaign in a particular direction.

If you are a novice in the field of media buying it can be easy to become quickly overwhelmed in this time extensive and complicated process. To ensure the best result it is often best to approach a company that specialises in the field, this way you can be sure that, with firm goals and limits set, you will not produce and ineffective campaign.

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