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IVR solutions and FAQs

Switching from an automated dialer to a voice response system can be stressful. Youll have a brand new system to get use to now and will have tons of questions. Some questions that people normally ask about voice response solutions are found below. Read over each one and jot down some notes as you review the answers.

Q1. What is IVR?
A: IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a solution to using a human staff to answer and forward calls. Some systems use voice response technology and some use DTMF (where you press a number on the keypad to interact with the system).

Q2. How can you use it?
A: You can schedule outbound calls to clients, collect hours worked from your employees, take orders over the phone, and much more.

Q3. How many systems do I need to have?
A: Your current telephone system will dictate that. If you have VOIP or automated attendants, make sure they are compatible with the voice response solutions you use. Hosting options give you the option of leasing only the services and not the hardware. You can read more about the differences here.

Q4. What are measures of performance should I look at once the system is in place?
A: You can ask for monthly comprehensive reports from your voice response vendor. If they cant provide those to you, pay special attention to call volume, wait times, and completed calls to track performance.

Q5. Will I be charged for upgrades?
A: That depends. Some voice response systems require manual upgrades and service patches. Hosted options perform upgrades and new releases online and dont require payment.

Q6. What happens if I forget how to use it?
A: You contact your administrator, who will help walk you through the steps again.

Q7. What are different types of IVR systems?
A: There are many voice response options including Inbound IVRs, Outbound-only IVRs, OnPremise IVRs and Hosted IVRs.

Q8. Will I have to contact a telephone operator to direct inbound calls?
A: Absolutely not. Voice response technology allows your telephone system to interact with you directly. You won’t have to get help from any live person.

Q9. Is this system safe to use?
A: This technology is being used in a number of industries right now, including government agencies, public schools, banking, etc. There have never been any documented complaints regarding viruses in this system. Therefore, its reasonable to assume this these systems are safe for use.

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