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IOS App Launch by Kaymu

IOS App Launch by Kaymu

Sri Lanka is a country with roughly 21 million population. It shouldn’t surprise many that in the digital era almost equal number of people in Sri Lanka are mobile phone subscribers. The total of 21 percent of the population are internet subscribers as well. Combine the two and you get a fair number of people who use the internet on their mobiles. This makes many of the e-commerce market stakeholders to cater this consumer base. Seems like Kaymu is hitting right on the nail as it has recently announced the launch of its iOS app across the countries. Earlier Kaymu had Android and Blackberry apps. This new app is going to cater a lot of users who have Apple devices like iPhones, iPads etc. Following are some of the features that stand out both through the buyer as well as seller’s perspective.

Swift Browsing

Visitors usually face some problems while visiting a website, especially if they’re new to it. Since Kaymu is committed to convenience, this app offers a quite comfortable browsing. Moreover, people are often found brand loyal, which means that they keep coming back for one seller or brand’s product over and over again. So, this iOS app provides you an opportunity to make a wish-list. Quite easy for a person to assort the desired products.


Intuitive Listing Creation

In this advanced age, Kaymu is giving people the opportunity to make good use of this advancement and earn money out of it. You can start earning money by merely putting a picture of the product along with its description. Irrespective of the volume of your inventory, the space is available for you to make money.

Direct Communication

Places like Kaymu offer the sellers and buyers alike to communicate and engage with each other in a healthy manner. So, if you’ve any queries or doubts about the product, no need to rely on an intermediary. Get directly in touch with the seller and find out whatever it is you’re looking for. So, download the app and get in touch with the seller.


Account Synchronization

You can connect to the Kaymu world through which ever Apple device you use and manage your account directly. Sellers, in particular, need this kind of convenience, where even while they’re on the go, they should be able to manage their accounts.

New Offers and Deals

What is that life, which doesn’t include gifts and excitement? Stay alert and tuned to all new offers by turning on the notifications in this app. Is the New app helpful?

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