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Internet has made a technological revolution

Internet has made a technological revolution

Internet has made a technological revolution: the data transfer rate has risen drastically, the new technologies allow to process and analyze large data sets, the ways of transmission and perception of information have changed, a variety of P2P and Mash & Sharing platforms have been created, significantly reducing the cost of housekeeping, production technology has also changed radically (additive production), as has the organization of logistics and local direct distribution, all the prerequisites of transition to a new economic model have been formed.

Social networks and hybrid messengers have expanded the boundaries of the tangible world but left us alone in our apartments in megalopolises, discount aggregators and platforms for communities have prompted us to economic cooperation but the era of prosperity has not come and we have not learned the rational planned consumption, computer games and technology of virtual reality opened up new guidelines for the development and training called gamification, but they didn’t replace the process of getting adrenaline from extreme sports activities.

Yes, today the modern world cannot be imagined without the blogosphere, but millions of “likes” don’t make us really happy; we remain deeply lonely even with millions of followers and we mistakenly think that the world of the future is the machine world, the world of the “Internet of things”, that the dollar will be replaced by Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency built on a decentralized anachroprinciples based on machine computing power.

The most popular features of the Internet in today’s world and in the near future are communication, search, exchange, news, training, and cooperation. New technological and social solutions in these areas form the backbone of the Economy of Knowledge, but it is the man as the creator of unique content and personalized unique competences, knowledge and experience who is the center of this metaphysical system.

Our foresight group is creating an ecosystem and platform called “The Internet of Humans” (SUPERREALITY- «THEINTERNETOFHUMANS / THEHUMANET / WEB3.0»), and plans to release a series of mobile applications in the mark of the project already in 2015. Each of them must implement the basic functions of the modern Internet with key functionality unified and specifically duplicated in the non-basic sections of the applications’ menu.

Our main goal is to find universal and simple self-contained, modular solutions for the implementation of key functionality and through extending the practice of using them to form new standards for mechanics, interfaces and usability.
The common unified solutions for the entire series of applications are:
– Intelligent social search that allows you to find any desired person on the planet that has unique competencies and skills and is, in fact, the source of the desired content who knows best about the object of our search, without forcing you to look through thousands of links and articles;
– A widget that allows you to create personalized emoticons and chat.
– Obligatory for each application built-in functions including the new universal emotional and symbolic language and a complimentary token;
– System of personal social cumulative rating for each user;
– Crowd services for the intellectual, resource help and collective decision-making, the open exchange of information; in fact, a self-governing and self-adjusting Crowd Democracy that sooner or later will allow to write a new Crowd Constitution and sign a new public social contract;
– The existence of diversely orientated and functional P2P competences “Market Places” ensuring involvement in economic circulation of the various existing household objects and competencies, the new 3D manufacturers cooperation, the personification of consuming;
– Internal payment system nominated in man-hours;
– Personal billing aggregator;
– Various mechanics allowing transferring on-line some traditional educational games built on associations, and others.

CLIKCLAP (“click clap” imitates the sound of the camera shutter) is a pilot project of the ecosystem and platform «THEINTERNETOFHUMANS / THEHUMANET / WEB3.0». It is a unique visual messenger and a free application for Android in Spanish, English and Russian languages. It allows in just two clicks to share with your loved ones emotions via an emoticon, a short video of an emotion, or to use a new language of “Grimaces”, unique personal humanized smiles through a widget, or a customized keyboard, using the new format of short videos in a circle called “shot”; you can also create personalized video channels and lead a personal video chronicle – VISTORY – a personal video blog – VLOG. You’ll be able to find any person on Earth, find out what is happening at this moment anywhere in the world and to see the map of emotions around the world. You can share all the personal emotions and sentiments with family and friends at any chosen moment.

1CLICKGAIN is the first game project of «THEINTERNETOFHUMANS / THEHUMANET / WEB3.0» and a unique intellectual game that requires knowledge, flair, intuition and… luck. It is the only platform where you can suggest your own game. It uses two methods, «ASTRA» and «CREDO», where a player bets against other players or against the application / system. Bets are placed on different events that have already taken place in the past including sports, such as football, basketball, boxing and tennis, or extreme sports, virtual games – shooters and strategy; or any life events and stories. The mechanics of the game are used for training and development of intellectual abilities. Only in our game, the rewards are given not only to the winners but also to the losers. Our game is a real big sport where you can see your personal rating and compare it to the others.

HENESIZ – NEWS ON REQUEST WITHOUT POLITICS AND PROPAGANDA – the most important local news: what happens next to everyone, what we personally care about, video story of family, relatives and friends, personal video news as seen by eyewitnesses. It’s the real story of our time on-line. The HenesiZ application is a unique opportunity to have a personal TV channel and your own audience: to be the operator, journalist and, of course, the “star of the screen,” tell everything you see with your own eyes, the world’s first crowd-media. You can easily create “an editorial assignment” and eyewitnesses -HenesiZ´s users – will execute it and will also be able to create their own, make comments, shoot video responses, and you can subscribe to any personal channel.

THEHUMANET is in fact the main “Market Place” of the ecosystem and a P2P EXCHANGE of competences that provides not only a wide involvement in economic circulation of the various existing household objects and competences, co-operation among new 3D-manufacturers, personalization of consuming, a place to attract resources needed for social activity of households, but also a platform where people with no technical skills and education will be able to perform the functions needed in the modern peer-to-peer economy from delivery to the testing of mobile applications and services for home-based call center. We want to develop their adaptive skills so that they can find and create jobs, select tasks according to their physical and intellectual capabilities and gain a pool of various sources of income to ensure a comfortable life of the household. The application is built on a unique system of motivation and growth, taking into account current trends and technologies of gamification; it aggregates all the relevant and available on-line platforms and services in this area including a new format for a learning and developing platform and media content DIYS (Do It Your Self): guides, tips, video instructions, all that can really be helpful and useful at any time, a place where you can ask for professional advice or assistance of the audience in any field in real time.

THEHUMANET – A versatile modular platform and integrated third-party aggregator of any services of common access to resources providing them with an API of a «social network with a personal account and unambiguous identification of the user”, service of general access to any personal user content. It has a user-friendly interface and mechanics.

THEHUMANET –A self-regulating («peer-2-peer») hybrid socio-economic network and mobile communicator/messenger and platform of the Economy of Knowledge of the postindustrial world without transaction costs with internal payment system and all elements of crowd-cooperation, built on a distributed cloud architecture.

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