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Industrial POE switch with PoE power management

Industrial POE switch with PoE power management

At present, security surveillance monitoring system has been gradually upgraded to network surveillance system. The former analog surveillance system cannot meet the development of world science and technology. And network surveillance monitoring will become mainstream of surveillance systems.

But for network surveillance, some problems come, such as packet loss caused by insufficient switch bandwidth, difficulty of IP cameras power supply wiring, insufficient power supply, inconvenient equipment installation , not adapt to harsh environment, and so on. These problems become a constraint to the development of network surveillance.

Especially in industrial environments, network system must have excellent reliability, recover-ability, and maintainability, to ensure it will not cause failure of operating system, applications, or even the collapse of the whole network system.

Based on above concerns, Shenzhen Issence Technology Co.,Ltd launched its self-developed 14-port Industrial PoE Swithch(IPS1068GPM), which has better networking properties than ordinary commercial switches, such as supporting industry ring networking, DIN rail mounting, power redundancy, safety and energy saving, strong resistant to interference , high or low temperature resistance, shockproof characteristic, etc.

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